The Best Payroll Management System Software for This Tax Season

Payroll management system software is among the most important tools a business can purchase. As tax season approaches, accountants and business owners alike may be realizing the pitfalls in their current accounting practices. If your current payroll system is among the shortcomings, now is a great time to find a replacement.     Consider the […]

Offline Payroll Software is Effective and Affordable

Offline payroll software is a reliable tool used by thousands of companies around the country. This payroll option is often more affordable, user-friendly, and secure than trendy cloud-based options. If you’re researching payroll software, an offline option may be your best choice. If your business is considering an offline payroll solution, consider Advanced Micro Solutions. […]

Best Payroll Program for Small Business Needs: Top 5 Features

The best payroll program for small business needs in the coming tax year will have several important features. Businesses of all sizes and industries need payroll tools. But what sets a good software apart from the best? We’ve identified five essential features that all the best payroll programs have. Keep in mind that the Advanced […]

Why to Avoid Integrated HR and Payroll Systems

These days, integrated HR and payroll systems are a relatively common software combination. In some cases, companies may prefer an all-in-one software solution that combines payroll and HR processes. This can make sense. These departments utilize similar employee data, including salary, tax responsibility, and personal information. But for most businesses, the similarities stop there. Combining […]

Choose Automated Payroll Systems for Small Business to Save Time and Money

Automated payroll systems for small business needs are an increasingly common software tool. Payroll can take a long time to calculate, and there are several deductions, additions, and taxes employers must consider when cutting a check. An automated payroll tool makes the process faster and easier. And, with a product like AMS Payroll, you’ll be […]

How to Know if Web-Based Payroll Software is Right for You

Web-based payroll software can be a great option for some businesses. For companies with a fully remote workforce, those who need significant accounting collaboration, and businesses with complex technical needs, a cloud-based option can work. However, these Internet-based payroll tools are not suited for all businesses. If your company falls into any of the following […]

Tap Into the Best Online 1099 Filing Service with AMS

As we approach tax season, businesses are hurriedly trying to find the best online 1099 filing service. 1099 filing is a simple process, but it can quickly become overwhelming. Businesses electronically file essential forms with the IRS FIRE system. However, these businesses must also produce various copies of the 1099 to distribute to the contractor […]

Can’t Choose a Payroll Product? This Guide Can Help

Choosing an effective payroll product is essential for every business. Whether you’re just setting up shop or switching up accounting, it is imperative that you find a tool perfect for your needs. In some cases, that might look like a full accounting suite, complete with electronic filing support and form-filling software. In other cases, it […]

Who Makes the Best Payroll Program in 2023?

The best payroll program for your business will fit a range of requirements. It will fit nicely into your budget, provide all the tools you need, and integrate seamlessly into existing accounting structures. The perfect payroll program will also support the number of payers and payees you currently have – and it will be able […]

Online Tax Filing 1099 Forms is Easier Than Ever

Online tax filing 1099 support is important for all businesses, regardless of size and industry. In general, businesses who have 250 or more 1099 forms must file electronically with the IRS. However, most small businesses prefer to file online. The process is quick, simple, and expedites the end-of-year tax process. However, online tax filing 1099 […]