Important E-Filing Information!

The e-file threshold for W-2 and 1099 forms has been reduced.  The IRS is requiring filers with 10 or more forms to electronically file for the upcoming 2023 tax year (to be filed in 2024).

This regulation includes the total for all aggregated forms filed (W-2, 1099, etc.).  Read more…

Eliminate the cost of expensive 1099 and W-2 forms with our 1099-etc E-Filer software. Consider the time savings, material savings and convenience of not having to load special forms into your printer. Eliminate the expense of ordering too many forms or the inconvenience of running out with our E-Filer software. The 1099-etc E-Filer module provides options to make your 1099 and W-2 processing fast, efficient, and more cost effective.

1099-etc software offers two e-file options:E-File Direct (add-on) or E-File Services

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E-File Direct

E-File Direct is an add-on payroll system with a flat fee and an unlimited number of form filings. All you need to do is upload the data to the IRS/SSA websites using the IRS “FIRE” system or the SSA “BSO”/”ACCUWAGE” system. This powerful tool produces the files required for filing 1099 and W-2 forms with the IRS and SSA in a convenient electronic format. The software has a few additional features added for your convenience.

  • Produces required W-2 and 1099 files for the IRS/SSA.
  • Creates files in the program’s directory.
  • Can verify, view, and print files.
  • Creates state W-2 files for all states that require electronic filing.


Note: Please see important information about E-File Direct here.

E-File Services

E-File Services is slightly different. This payroll software charges a fee per form, and those forms are filed electronically via a third-party vendor. Users can electronically file their W-2s and 1099s, but AMS works with a specialist provider whose state-of-the-art e-filing solution integrates seamlessly with 1099-etc. With this program, there are different service levels available. Each is designed to allow the user the ability to customize their E-file Services for their own unique time and budget requirements.

E-File Services charges are based on volume pricing. [Credit Card required at the time of submission] [W-2/1099 Forms Filer Required]

E-Filing Only to the IRS/SSA/States:

Electronically files forms with the government. The user doesn’t have to submit paper forms to the government. The user is responsible only for mailing the recipient copies to the employees.

Forms Mailed to the Recipient Only:

Prints and mails recipient copies directly to the employees. The user is responsible for filing the information with the government.

Both E-File and Recipient Mailing:

Files forms with the government as well as prints and mails recipient copies directly to the employees. With this option, the user isn’t responsible for printing government or recipient forms, stuffing envelopes, or postage.

Payer File Copy and Recipient Mailing:

Prints and bulk-mails (shipping charges apply) the Payer/Employer copies to the payer/employer. The Recipient copies are printed and mailed, too. The user is responsible for filing the information with the government.

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