Payroll Software For Accountants

Accounting software is a dime a dozen. Between promotional programs, membership dues, and ad-driven solutions, it’s not hard to find so-called free accounting software. But as with so many things, the cheapest solution rarely delivers the best value. More to the point, professional accountants who work with employer businesses need a lot more than basic bookkeeping tools. It’s finding accounting software with payroll that delivers the level of functionality these accountants are looking for. AMS Payroll, our payroll software for accountants, is a powerful yet intuitive system that supports Live and After-the-Fact payroll processing, direct deposit and paycheck printing. It also supports running hash totals, monthly and semiweekly tax deposits, quarterly filing for federal and state, and easy data transfers for end-of-year filing forms.

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The Value and Advantages of Choosing AMS Software

It would be silly to pretend we’re the only option when it comes to payroll software for accountants. Still, we’re not shy about promoting our payroll solution. That’s because we’re confident that AMS Payroll offers better value than the competition. Our menu-driven interface makes for simple accounting software that can be quickly learned and put to use as a more efficient payroll solution. Our modular pricing for accountant payroll software is consistently lower than software services with monthly subscription fees. And yet, with a full complement of payroll processing and remittance options, payroll reporting and form filing support, and download updates as needed, our software is every bit as responsive and sophisticated as cloud-based options.

Independent and Business Payroll Software for Accountants

These advantages are easily leveraged by accounting professionals who are already quite adept at recognizing system efficiencies. Our Forms Filer platform and product modules make it easy to choose payroll and accounting software that speaks to the specific needs of your business. AMS Payroll is a great solution for CPAs, tax professionals, and accountants of all stripes. We offer capabilities that can be tailored for independent firms as well as business employees. With support for up to 9,999 employers and up to 99,999 employees per employer, we can provide multi-company payroll software for accountants who are looking to grow their own payroll business. With up to 40 User Defined fields for payroll adjustments, AMS Payroll is also a great tool for business payroll software and in-house accounting departments.

All of our software solutions start with our Forms Filer platform:

More Resources and Guides for Accountants

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  • Many accountants handle more than just employee payroll. They also handle payments to self-employed contractors and other types of third-party payees. Here’s the good news: 1099 software for accountants is already part of AMS Payroll and our W-2/1099 Forms Filer platform.
  • Business owners may be preoccupied with the day-to-day problems, but accountants know better. Know that our software can make your payroll record keeping a lot easier. More than saving the data itself, you need to be able to readily access and produce these payroll records should the need ever arise.