Small Business Payroll Software

Whether it’s reducing the number of hours you sit in front of a computer screen or reducing the number of hours you have to pay someone to keep the books, small business payroll software is absolutely essential. And it’s a decision with big consequences, so don’t underestimate it. Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) offers intuitive and powerful software and product modules that enable our business customers to build a system that’s tailored to the needs of their small business.

It’s hard enough as it is to recruit and retain dependable, qualified employees. It’s hard enough as it is to facilitate a positive and productive work environment. It’s hard enough as it is to make payroll. Don’t let doing payroll be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Discover the benefits of AMS Payroll. It’s also a great solution for small business accountants.

How to Make a Smart Choice for Small Business Payroll Software

Often times, payroll for small business software is about integrating a payroll system with pre-existing small business management software. Many software providers offer all kinds of industry-specific performance metrics, but fail to provide payroll or form filing support. In addition to creating customized business solutions, our modular software system includes a powerful importing feature and easy data transfers. Likewise, if you’re building a small business software solution from the ground up, you might start with AMS Payroll and then look to compliment our system with an industry-specific business management solution.

This is the beginning of how to make a smart choice for small business payroll software, but we also offer more specific information resources. We can help you understand the dangers of choosing a free payroll service or the cheapest payroll software. We can tell you what makes for the best small business payroll software. We can articulate the importance of easy payroll software and streamlined payroll programs for small businesses.

Prefer to see our software in action rather than read about it? Simply download our free demo software.

Essential Features and Versatile Solutions

From calculating payroll deductions to producing paychecks or setting up direct deposit, there are a few essential features that you should expect from any payroll systems provider. More than a simple calculator and data archive, AMS has payroll processing software that can be customized to fit the needs of pretty much any company. Never miss or miscalculate a quarterly filing. Don’t let the state filing requirements overwhelm you. AMS Payroll has you covered. Better yet, since our small business payroll software is tied to our Forms Filer platform, this data is readily transferred to your end-of-year filing forms. This is no small feat for effective business management. We know what’s at stake when buying payroll software for a small business.

More Tips and Resources for Small Businesses

Check out our AMS Payroll blog to find helpful guides and information resources. Avoid common payroll mistakes. Get more details about the different types of payroll methods your small business might want to use. Review the requirements for payroll record retention and know that this information is readily accessible with AMS should you ever need to produce it. Learn about how we use 1099 PDF files and other security measures to protect your small business and safeguard the information in your filing documents.