Household Employee Payroll Software

Great household employee payroll software has to be able to accommodate a wide range of different employees and pay standards. Indeed, there’s almost no end to the types of workers the IRS may count as household employees. Nannies and caregivers are such common hires that we’ve built separate resources for these employees and payroll needs. We also wanted to take a moment in this space to highlight some of the other types of domestic workers and how our household employee payroll software is ready to help with the paycheck calculations and employer filing forms.

Payroll Software for Any Household Employee

  • For large homes with specialized care needs, a commercial house cleaning service may not be the preferred option. You want the extra control over the scheduling and methods used. If you’re thinking about hiring a maid, here’s what you need to know about private housekeeper salary and household payroll in general.
  • When it comes to hiring a personal chef, there’s a lot more to consider than just cooking the food. Most household chefs will also be responsible for finding the ingredients and building meals within prescribed dietary needs. Not even meal delivery services can compete with the freshness and results of a chef. That’s why some people choose to take on household employee payroll.
  • For households with wide-ranging domestic service needs, one of the most common types of employees is the butler. Along with receiving guests and acting as the face of the household staff, the modern butler can take charge of finding various household services. As such, the head of household can get several kinds of help while only having to worry about the payroll for butler wages. And, really, it’s not any worry at all with our household payroll software.
  • Have a large estate with extensive grounds, turf and gardens, and meticulously shaped trees and bushes? Like the presence of exotic, non-indigenous plants, but don’t really have the prerequisite time or experience to cultivate them? More than the occasional lawn care service, you need to hire a gardener/groundskeeper full-time.

Household Management Software

This isn’t even an exhaustive list. There are pool professionals, stable masters, and other specialized household workers. Likewise, you may need to integrate this employee payroll with other household expenses. The modular software approach from AMS makes it easy to get the data management features you need, whether you need standalone support for household employee tax or as part of more comprehensive household management software.

To simplify the filing requirements, the IRS lets most households use Schedule H Form 1040 to account for the payroll withholding, including payroll and income tax liability. Meanwhile, some small business owners choose to file for their household employees with the same forms as their business employees, and the IRS generally allows this as well.