How to Hire a Housekeeper and Budget for a Private Housekeeper Salary

Hiring a housekeeper is a game-changer for many households with a good amount of disposable income, too little time in their schedule, and a strong interest in keeping their house looking its best. The thing is that even people who recognize a private housekeeper is likely the best solution for their household needs can get tripped up when the time comes to actually find and hire a housekeeper.

Once you make the hire, you’ll need to take care of a few different filing form requirements. You’ll also likely be interested in payroll software that can help with the regular paycheck calculations and filing form information printing. Simply put, Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) can take the hassles out of household employment accounting. With this in mind, we also want to provide our customers with practical advice for when you hire a housekeeper.

Setting a Baseline for Private Housekeeper Salary

Pegging down the costs of a private housekeeper salary is a lot more difficult than it is with commercial housekeepers. The lowest salary expectations come with hotel and hospitality-based housekeeping positions. Independent businesses that offer prepackaged cleaning services typically have clearly advertised prices. Many households are looking for the extra control and flexibility that’s possible when you hire a housekeeper as a household employee, but part of this control is the ability to negotiate a private housekeeper salary.

Still, there are some guidelines you can go by. Let’s say you can only make hiring a housekeeper work if you can keep the salary manageable. Looking to lure a housekeeper employee from the hospitality industry? According to Indeed, if you can afford to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of the mid $20k, then you may have luck. On the other hand, this type of salary offer probably isn’t going to attract a highly-skilled, well-credentialed housekeeper. The median for private housekeeper salary is probably more like $37k according to Payscale Salary. You’ll also want to consider what other household duties you’ll want the housekeeper to take on. An experienced housekeeper-cook, for example, may command an hourly wage of $20-$30/hour. What’s more, there are considerable differences based on location. Whenever possible, you should research and establish an average salary based on the market where you live.

How to Conduct Interviews When You Hire a Housekeeper

The salary or hourly wage should be an important part of the interview process, but it’s far from the only thing you should discuss. To make the best hire possible on the best terms possible, there are a number of factors you should consider and a number of topics you might discuss at some length. Again, AMS wants to help our customers whenever we can. Check out this online guide for interviewing a housekeeper.

Get Started with AMS Software Support

As you prepare to hire a housekeeper, you’ll also need to think about a form filing and Payroll Software solution that can eliminate a lot of the paperwork headaches that come with being an employer. From our1099 & W2 Software to Payroll Software and Forms Filer Plus for Sch H Form 1040 support, you can find all the features you need within an intuitive, menu-driven platform. Whether you’re ready to buy the software or download our free demo, don’t hesitate to discover AMS software today.

Software Solutions from AMS

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