Can I File a W-2 Form for Payments Made to a Foreign Employee Working Remotely?

Yes, employers can file a W-2 form for payments that they make to a foreign employee working remotely for their business. You legally must withhold taxes and report it for all W-2 employees. Apply that requirement to remote workers and withhold taxes on an employee’s behalf based on the employee’s country of residence. Make sure […]

Can Payroll Software Handle Different Payment Frequencies?

Yes, comprehensive payroll software can handle different payment frequencies, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cycles. Look for a payroll system that is both scalable and flexible for your business’s unique needs. It should accommodate growth and allow you to adjust frequencies if you pay both independent contractors and traditional employees. A payroll management system […]

How Do I Report Income from a Landscaping Service on a 1099 Form?

Report income from a landscaping service on Form 1099-NEC. You must issue a 1099 form to a landscaping service that your business paid $600 or more for their services in a tax year. Do not issue the form to a business that is incorporated. Request a Form W-9 from a business that you hire to […]

How Do I Report Income from Jury Duty on a W-2 Form?

Report your employee’s income from jury duty in Box 1 “Wages, Tips, and Other Compensation” on a W-2 form. Employers must report additional income that they pay to an employee and send a Form W-2 to the worker by Jan. 31 for the previous tax year. Complete your filing duties so that all of your […]

How Do I Report Income from a Freelance Blogger on a 1099 Form?

Complete a Form 1099-NEC to report specific income that you paid to a freelance blogger in the previous tax year. Use the form if you made payments that amount to $600 or more for the year. Send copies of the 1099 form to the Internal Revenue Service and each applicable independent contractor by Jan. 31 […]

How Do I Report Income from Employee Union Dues on a W-2 Form?

Report income from your business’s employee union dues in Box 14 “Other” on a W-2 form. Box 14 has multiple purposes. Use the allotted space to report additional tax or income information if your business must file it or record it for informational purposes. Employers may use the box for what they deducted for State […]

How Do I Report Income from Employee Life Insurance Coverage on a W-2?

Employers must report the income from the employee life insurance coverage in a few boxes on a W-2 form. All employers must first determine whether or not their business provides more than $50,000 of group-term life insurance coverage. A business does not face tax consequences if a total policy amount does not surpass that threshold. […]

How Do I Report Income from Employee FSAs on a W2 Form?

Businesses may report income from employee flexible spending accounts (FSAs) in a few ways, or not at all, on a W2 form. The Internal Revenue Service does not require employers to report health flexible spending accounts on an employee’s W2 form. There is an exception to the rule. Report income from a health FSA if […]

How Do I Report Income from a Restaurant Supply Vendor on a 1099 Form?

Report income from a restaurant supply vendor on a 1099 form if you pay them $600 or more in a tax year. The Internal Revenue Service requires businesses to report the payments that they make to non-corporate vendors. Use Form 1099-NEC to fill out the appropriate information and send your relevant forms by Jan. 31 […]

Can I File a W2 Form for Payments Made to an Intern?

Yes, you can and you should file a W2 form for payments that you made to an intern. Submit a Form W2 copy to the Internal Revenue Service and any of your business’s paid interns. Make sure that you do not contract these interns to complete specific work. You must classify them as employees if […]