Does Payroll Software Offer a Built-In Payroll Calendar and Reminders for Key Payroll Dates?

Payroll software offers automation for any payment deadlines, but a built-in payroll calendar and reminders for key payroll dates is less common. Use a few helpful strategies to ensure that your small business does not file forms late or miss filing for employment tax deadlines all-together.


Share deadline dates with employees. Provide employees with a pay period calendar. Giving them a calendar better guarantees that they will submit timesheets when you need them. These submissions will remind you of when you need to complete your own tasks.

Create phone or computer reminders. Do not hesitate to create extra reminders about payroll dates with phone alarms. Choose a method that you know you will regularly check as you work through your daily tasks.

Set payroll frequency rates when you set up a new software system. Establish a frequency early so you can arrange a payroll calendar. Enter a pay period start date and end date so that you and your system are prepared.

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