Can I Email My Employees Their W-2?

Technically, yes, but that does not mean that you should do it. Form W-2 contains sensitive employee information. The Internal Revenue Service outlines strict guidelines for secure electronic distribution. The IRS does not list email distribution as a secure method for sending tax or wage documentation.   You should not email any W-2 forms, but […]

Can I 1099 an Employee?

The slightly nuanced answer is, sort of. Businesses hire 1099 employees, but they must classify them as independent contractors. Understand the terminology and distinctions before you try to send a Form 1099 to your W-2 employees.   Employees cannot send 1099 forms to their full- or part-time employees. The Internal Revenue Service outlines its strict […]

Why Should You Separate HR and Payroll Software?

Combining HR and payroll software is an unfortunate trend in businesses across the country. Mixing HR and payroll functions is an increasingly common strategy in American companies. However, these departments have discrete functions and limited overlap when it comes to company responsibilities. If you’re considering a new payroll software, don’t overcomplicate things by combining HR […]

How a 1099 E-File Software Can Streamline Your Business

1099 E-File software can help small businesses reduce the cost of expensive W-2 and 1099 forms. Transitioning to electronic filing will save time, money, and materials. However, electronic filing tools might not work for every business. You should have the option to choose an E-File software that reduces cost as much as possible. That’s what […]

How to Classify Workers with Trucking Payroll Software

Business owners will have different ideas on how to use trucking payroll software. Those who primarily hire company drivers may decide that they want software that prioritizes W-2 services. Others may search for trucking payroll products with reliable 1099 capabilities for paying independent contractors. The bottom line is that trucking software should benefit all the […]

What is the W2 vs 1099 Tax Difference?

If you want to start a new business, spend time learning about the W2 vs 1099 tax difference. As an employer, making sure that you hire the right people will determine your company’s success. It might involve hiring full-time or part-time employees. Other times, you may look to hire some independent contractors. Your business will […]

What are the Tax Benefits of 1099 vs W2 Workers?

The tax benefits of 1099 vs w2 workers is the biggest distinction between independent contractors and employees. Employers and supervisors will treat you differently based primarily upon your work title. The reason for the different treatment is that employers navigate payroll taxes and withholding. Inversely, your supervisor as a 1099 worker will have their separate […]

Is There a W2 Self Employed Tax Form?

Employers sometimes think there is a W2 form they use for self employed workers, but the reality is that there is no W2 self employed tax form. A review of how self employed individuals pay taxes to the IRS may be useful for understanding how an employer handles reporting the wages they pay to people […]

W2 Record Retention Guidelines You Should Know for Tax Season

Employers need to follow W2 record retention guidelines to remain in good standing with the IRS. With tax season around the corner, you may be looking for a reminder of the retention guidelines for your tax forms. In the event that the IRS requests old tax records or you need to produce them for your […]

Why You Need a W2 Printing and Mailing System Ahead of Tax Season

Tax season involves many moving parts, so be sure to establish a plan for W2 printing and mailing so that you remain organized and efficient throughout. While the printing and mailing steps of the tax filing process may seem trivial, they are important steps for sending the right forms to the right parties. Without a […]