Direct Deposit and Check Printing Software

One of the most frustrating outcomes for payroll happens when your company’s general accounting and financial resources are entirely in order, but there’s a disruption to the print checks or direct deposit. No matter the cause, one of the surest ways to hurt team morale and productivity is to have people start worrying about when they’re going to get paid. With our direct deposit and check printing software, you can keep your business on track for success.

That said, there is more than one way to reliably deliver your employees’ and contractors’ due compensation. Business check writing software comes in many different forms, and Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) can respond to a huge variety of payroll processing and check writing needs. If you’re still unfamiliar our system, here’s a quick overview of the features available with AMS Payroll.

Smart Business Decisions for Payroll Processing

Business owners are keenly aware of the financial service costs that come with remitting payment to employees and contractors. Especially for those companies with more than a handful of employees, the cost of delivering secure payments can add up quickly. Still, the best answer is almost never the cheapest. Free payroll check writing software is very limiting in what it has to offer companies.

More than just the features of their paycheck software, businesses need to be concerned about their payroll software security. More than just the per payment cost of different payroll solutions, businesses also have to be concerned with the potential for fraud and theft, which can create large and unexpected losses for unprepared businesses. That’s why we tell people that payroll check writing software is more important than ever.

Direct Deposit vs. Check Printing Software

Payroll check printing software is still among the most popular options for small businesses with a modest number of employees. The potential for cost savings is limited with these smaller operations, and many owners and employees still find it simpler to work with print checks. With our software for payroll checks, you can produce a large number of your own MICR checks at a lower cost. All your company needs is a typical laser printer and magnetic toner.

Still, most modern businesses, especially those who want to be seen as tech-savvy and professional, now use some type of direct deposit system. Even with some drawbacks, direct deposit for small business has been picking up steam over the last several years. Another kind of electronic payroll payment is available through pay cards. These work in much the same way that direct deposit does, except the pay card removes the need for the employee to have a qualifying bank account to receive payment.

Versatile Software that Adapts with Your Business

It’s also worth pointing out that payroll software with direct deposit must still be able to handle some of the basic features of payroll check printing software. Specifically, putting a paper paystub in your employees’ hands every pay period is a great way to reinforce the message that employees should understand how their compensation is being allocated.

More to this point, AMS Payroll supports more than 30 different types of checks, including check voucher software and payslip software. Whatever payroll method your company is looking to deploy—this year and in future years—AMS has a solution that fits with your strategy. Plus, with our flat-fee pricing and catalogue of modular software features, you can get the type of payroll software support your company needs at a better price than our competitors.

Our Sales and Information team and Live Chat feature can respond to your more immediate questions. We also encourage you to download our Demo and explore our software system for yourself.