Can Payroll Software Handle Different State and Local Tax Requirements?

Yes, but do not take geo-location software tools for granted. All software providers offer different tools and features for their products. One payroll software does not necessarily handle the same state and local tax requirements as another option. Ask upfront questions to a payroll provider to ensure that any potential software provides coverage in the regions that your business needs. Ask yourself a few questions before you invest in payroll software for multiple geo-locations.


Does it provide you with relevant state tax tables? Search for payroll software that provides and regularly updates state and federal tax tables. Payroll software should streamline all of your management duties. Do not purchase a system that adds more avoidable work for the business.


Will it support your business in five to 10 years? Your business may only have one location now, but think ahead to the future. Does the software that you are considering support multiple state and local tax regulations? Find a product that is both scalable and affordable.


Are there any hidden fees? Confirm that your software does not have hidden or extra fees that appear once you start expanding your business. Look for a software vendor that provides users with total transparency. Confirm whether you must pay an additional fee for each added state.

We support all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, with our AMS Payroll software. Download our free demo software today to discover the ins and outs of our easy payer and employee setup features.

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