Can Payroll Software Handle Garnishments and Wage Attachments?

Yes, the best and most comprehensive payroll software can properly handle garnishments and wage attachments. Some payroll software provides built-in features for payroll garnishment. You can usually automate your garnishments and wage attachments once you properly set up the system. Look for a payroll vendor that offers its users a variety of functions to meet your specific company needs.


Compliance – Find payroll software that determines how much you deduct from an employee’s paycheck. The deduction must comply with the state and the instructions that you input into the system.


Recordkeeping – Payroll software streamlines the way that you handle any discrepancies. You can easily access your payment insights with software.


Timeliness – Look for software that offers more than simple automation. Find a program so that you can maintain accuracy and consistency without spending too much time on one task.


We handle garnishments and wage attachments with up to 40 User Defined Fields in our AMS Payroll software. Download our free demo software today to learn how to set up deductions and additions.

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