How Secure is Payroll Software at Protecting Sensitive Employee Data?

Payroll software offers users the security that they look for when investing in it. Payroll vendors have differing priorities for how their product protects your sensitive employee data. Look for a vendor that provides transparency in how they protect employee data. Take some steps on your end to ensure that you do all that you need to so that you protect sensitive information.


Regularly update your payroll software. Ensure that your system does not become outdated. Outdated systems will struggle to provide full payroll security. Security threats and cyberattacks may occur if you do not purchase software that automatically updates or you do not conduct any regular updates.


Carefully dispose of outdated data. Reduce payroll security breaches by keeping your payroll and other tax-related documents for only as long as the legal requirement. Use your software to dispose of outdated data in a way that prevents anyone from restoring it.


Follow recommended payroll security standards. Look for products with strong firewalls and password protection. Employers should also identify payroll software with encryption features to make data unreadable to third party hackers.


Limit access to sensitive payroll information. Allow workers who need it for their jobs access to the company’s sensitive data. Providing too much access may result in internal leaks.


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