We thank you for trying out the 1099-etc software demo.  We are very proud of the 1099-etc software and think that it will meet and exceed your tax and payroll needs without breaking the company budget. We welcome your comments and suggestions so please let us know what you think!

The free demo is a fully functional version of the 1099-etc software with a few exceptions. When printing forms, some data will be replaced with pound signs, and some of the electronic filing features are disabled.


Feel free to enter real data into the demo software because once you decide to purchase the program, the software will still contain the same information you entered in the demo.

Video Tutorials are available for each program module.

The 1099-etc Demo will give you a quick and solid understanding of the program and how it is built from a base software that can be added onto with our other packages depending on your specific needs.

For instance, we have six different modules that can be added onto the base W2/1099 forms filer. Those include a Payroll module that enables Payroll departments to track payroll, including Federal, State, local taxes for all 50 states and then print W2s and 1099s to purchased, pre-printed forms.

Software Generated Forms module allows you to print most forms to plain white paper – no need to buy pre-printed forms.

E-File Direct module allows you to file an unlimited number of W2s and 1099s to the IRS and SSA. E-File Services is a tool that integrates with a third-party vendor that charges a per form rate to e-file, print, mail, etc., W2s and 1099s.

Forms Filer Plus module adds the ability to key in information on a variety of miscellaneous forms.

And added new as of Fall 2015, we have our Affordable Care Act Filer module that allows you to record all the necessary information for filing the 1094, 1095-B and 1095-C forms and can print to purchased, pre-printed forms as well as having the ability to use the E-File Services to file through the third-party vendor.

1042-S Filer module allows you to complete the 1042-S form and print to purchased, pre-printed forms.

Our 1099-etc Demo is designed to help small businesses make the right purchase for their accounting needs, so we want to make sure not only that you understand all that our software can do, but why ours costs less and does more. Please schedule a 1099-etc Demo or call us directly at 1-(800)-536-1099 if you have other questions.