Finding the Best Payroll Software for Franchise Businesses

Companies of any size with multiple locations should invest early in the best payroll software for franchise businesses. Stay on top of all your deadlines more easily with consistent payroll management tools. Use payroll software to better ensure that each of your business’s reports are accurate. Send these reports and all other necessary documents using your software to the relevant tax agencies. Whether your company will grow in the immediate or distant future, make sure that your payroll software is scalable.

Advanced Micro Solutions Payroll Software supports small businesses with electronic filing and form generation features. Our core product can operate alongside six optional add-on modules to make a full accounting suite of tools. The modules include: AMS Payroll, Software Generated Forms, E-File, Affordable Care Act Filer, Forms Filer Plus, and a 1042-S Filer.


What to Look for in Payroll Software for Franchise Businesses

Narrow down the third-party vendors who provide software for franchises in a couple of ways. Ask yourself important questions as you start investigating payroll software options, including:

What are the available software features? You likely already know whether your business’s payroll needs relate to compliance, tracking, or tax calculations. Consider the many other key benefits of comprehensive payroll software. Confirm which programs your software integrates with to make importing and exporting data easier. Review the reports that users can generate.

How much does the product cost? Aim to avoid payroll software with hidden fees and tiers as much as you avoid free programs. These types of programs may seem manageable or ideal for your business, but the bottom line is to make sure your payroll software for franchise businesses is transparent. Ask your vendor about all possible costs and which features accompany them. You do not want to realize later that the most essential features require separate or additional fees.

Does the vendor provide customer support? Know the level of technical support that any vendor offers for its product. Some vendors only provide a Frequently Asked Questions page. Other software providers offer a strong customer support arm with a number to reach agents who specialize in troubleshooting. Thoroughly research these avenues before making a final software decision.

Can I use the software program in multiple locations? Local and national payroll software vendors have their own benefits. Target your payroll software for franchise businesses search by considering your current business locations and whether you will expand. Make sure that a program’s geo-location capabilities are scalable or at least align with regions that the company may operate in someday.


Can Small Business Franchises Run Payroll Alone?

Growing your business is most likely your priority rather than tackling a mountain of paperwork and forms. Businesses also know that completing payroll tasks accurately is essential to avoid incurring significant penalties and fees.

Small business franchises that do not want to outsource payroll duties can find a compromise with the right payroll software. Some of the major benefits of running payroll in-house are:

Establishing the Time Frame – Use payroll software for franchise businesses to pay your employees correctly and by the appropriate deadlines. Payroll tools allow users to calculate each payroll tax obligation and submit it on time. Save time by ditching the manual methods.

Greater Control – Protect your employees and independent contractors’ sensitive data with an in-house program. Reduce the number of eyes on your data and information by not sending the figures to a third-party accountant or specialist.

Flexibility in Payment Methods – Decide if you want your software to process employee direct deposit information or print checks with wages. Some vendors offer both options, which is ideal for different types of workers.

No External Accountant Fee – Save money by not needing to pay an accountant or external payroll specialist for their services. Purchase a program for a flat fee and incorporate add-ons as you require them. You should not need to spend money on features that you do not use or need for your business.


How AMS Payroll Does More

AMS’ full accounting suite of tools operates in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Look no further for payroll software for franchise businesses than AMS Payroll. Print over 30 different check types individually or by a date range. Users may also process employee direct deposit payroll information. Our system supports a variety of federal payroll forms. Export your data to our base W-2/1099 Forms Filer program for year-end processing. Download our free 1099-etc Demo software today to get started.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.