What is the Best Payroll Processing Software for Accountants?

Payroll processing software for accountants should be intuitive, but even the most seasoned accountants can fall victim to common payroll mistakes. Invest in software that prevents repetitive data input or oversight errors. You will save yourself time and money. Strong, reliable software may also encourage clients to choose your firm for any of their small business payroll management needs. Make sure to remember that just like each client has their own unique needs, so do you. Look for the small business payroll processing tools that you know you need and are affordable.

Do you spend too much time running payroll for clients or need a more affordable system? Our payroll product at Advanced Micro Solutions offers accountants an up-to-date, user-friendly interface. Explore our reasonably priced and fully accessible AMS Payroll, which operates as an add-on module to our base W-2/1099 software.


The Benefits of Affordable Payroll Processing Software for Accountants

Using affordable payroll software helps clients in numerous ways. Yet accountants can also find noticeable improvements in their own daily duties. You will provide more well-rounded services by offering your clients the following benefits.

Less Accounting Errors – Going paperless reduces the risk of making manual accounting errors. Accountants further minimize any risks by automating client payments with features such as direct deposits. All clients are pleased once they learn that you saved them time and fees.

Consistent Tax Compliance – Accountants know the ins and outs of state and federal tax and employment related laws. The right software includes relevant tax tables. It also saves you from needing to look up or review any regulations.

Easier Electronic Filing – Recording relevant payments and reconciling payroll are just the first payroll processing steps. Payroll processing software for accountants offers users electronic filing. Make sure that you properly classify all workers as W-2 employees or 1099 independent contractors. You can use an E-Filer to submit your year-end W-2 and 1099 forms to the Internal Revenue Service or Social Security Administration.

Financial Insights – Advising clients about their financial and business decisions is easier with affordable payroll software. Get software with only the essential tools so you can pinpoint the exact data that is relevant for each client. Accountants can more easily strategize if they know which tools show withholdings, a breakdown of hours, and benefits deductions.


Ensuring Accurate Payroll Processing with AMS

Our W-2/1099 Forms Filer is our only required program. Accountants can add on their desired modules and potentially create a modular suite. Our program will enable you to keep all of your data organized and accessible if you manage multiple small business accounts. Our system also supports accountants creating multiple payroll reports. The reports will include a Payer/Tax Summary, Employee Detail, and Worker’s Compensation.

AMS users can record state and federal tax deposit information, as well as disbursements. The payroll module includes up to 40 User Defined Fields for deductions or additions like 401Ks or health insurance. Learn more about our payroll processing software for accountants with our free demo or by calling our customer support at (405) 340-0697.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.