Paycheck Calculator Software and Payroll Deductions

Handle your payroll deductions with ease and confidence. Get affordable, versatile support with an intuitive payroll solution from Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS). Whether you’re a payroll accountant or a small business owner, paycheck calculator software is a must for the accuracy of your weekly accounting and for your peace of mind. Whether you’re responsible for thousands of individual calculations each week or you’re managing a dynamic employee benefits program, you need powerful and user-friendly paycheck software.

AMS Payroll has the features you’re looking for. Dealing with multiple clients and/or a high-volume employee business? Our software has support for up to 1,999 Payers and up to 9,999 employees per Payer. Been a little negligent and looking to catch up? Our system calculates Live and After-The-Fact payroll. And long after you’ve breezed through our easy Payer and Employee setup, our paycheck calculator software will manage the various taxes, benefits contribution, garnishments, and paid-time-off that go along with doing small business payroll.

Here’s a rundown of the major types of payroll deductions you’ll need to account for and an introduction to some of the specific functionality offered by our paycheck calculator software.

Elective Payroll Deductions and Adjustments

free payroll calculator can help with some basic calculations, FICA rates, and estimates of how much the total payroll deductions are likely to be for your employees. Like a glorified box calculator, this type of functionality is helpful in its own right, but it’s nowhere near sufficient to calculate payroll for modern-day companies.

Whether you offer paid-time-off as a necessary part of recruiting qualified employees, whether you’ve implemented a retirement plan to help with employee retention, or whether you have more than 50 employees and are required to provide health insurance, whether you’ve hired an employee with longstanding debt and a wage garnishment, doing payroll is a lot more complicated than dividing a paycheck by 15.3% for payroll taxes. And that’s not even accounting for the likelihood that the best package of employee benefits will change over the years as your business and industry evolve. You need a versatile and adaptive payroll deductions calculator.

Income Tax Withholding and Payroll Tax Calculator

Our software automatically works to calculate payroll taxes and calculate withholding tax. A user-friendly platform with reliable data reporting and printing is an absolute must to consistently comply with your semiweekly and monthly deposit schedules. Our tax tables and dynamic payroll calculations can be used to streamline your federal, state, and local taxes. State income tax withholding can be every bit as complicated, if not more so, than your federal payroll obligations.

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It’s no simple task to combine an easy paycheck tax calculator with all the features, information reporting, and record retention to keep up with your payroll accounting. Learn how Advanced Micro Solutions has been filling this niche for a growing number of small businesses and accounting firms.