Church And Nonprofit Payroll Software

There are few feelings that are worse than losing a bunch of money that’s supposed to go to a good cause. Apart from theft and gross negligence, some organizational funds may be lost to interest and penalties if you fail to keep an accurate and timely payroll system. This can occur through overpayment to employees, inaccurate payroll tax reporting, and a failure to file payroll forms by the relevant deadlines. Thus, church and nonprofit payroll software is necessary to protect the financial resources and time demands that come with managing a nonprofit organization.

Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) may not exclusively brand itself as payroll for nonprofit organizations, but our system and modular platform is popular with and easily adopted by nonprofit and religious organizations of all stripes. You can pick and oose precisely what products and features you need and at a better price than comparable payroll services with subscription fees that add up quickly.

Church Payroll Software and Services

Know that your payroll tax deposits are for the right amounts. Don’t waste a bunch of extra time trying to file your quarterly returns and annual W-2s. Input and calculate your employee’s W-4 withholdings. Our church payroll software is just what you need to keep the books on your church employees, their paychecks, and tax liabilities.

There are also niche solutions out there for things like church management software and small church accounting software. Our modular software approach ensures your church can handle all of its payroll obligations and employer filings without disrupting other software programs that track things like participation and tithing contributions. It all starts with our platform software.

Nonprofit Payroll Software and Services

Nonprofit payroll is largely the same as it is for businesses when it comes to federal and state tax liabilities and reporting rules. And yet, nonprofit accounting software is often tasked with other data management priorities that are quite different than for-profit businesses.

Fund accounting software is one common example. In this system, ingoing and outgoing funds are tied to specific accounts with different rules for contributions and expenditures. You can’t pay a university employee with funds earmarked for a new research building, in other words.

Here’s another good example: A lot of people want detailed receipts on official letterhead to be sure they can get the tax benefits and for their own charity accounting software. In fact, if you’re new to the nonprofit scene, you may be surprised by how many contributors are not individuals, but rather small businesses looking to increase their community outreach, while also taking advantage of the financial incentives that come with charitable donations.

Versatile Nonprofit Payroll Software for Volunteers and Professionals

Payroll services for nonprofits may seem like the software does everything itself, but with a hands-off approach, you’re leaving your organization vulnerable to all kinds of systemic payroll errors. When it comes to churches and smaller nonprofit organizations, volunteer accountants with a widely different range of professional experience may be responsible for doing payroll.

AMS Payroll is the answer you’ve been looking for. We offer the kind of information resources needed to help guide people who are rusty or unfamiliar with their accounting skills. We also have a system setup that offers a high degree of efficiency for those people who already know exactly what they’re doing. Our data input tool can be enabled so that data can be entered on a screen resembling the actual form or through a spreadsheet format. Indeed, our payroll software is popular both with small business owners who do their own books and with small business accountants who are ready to rock-and-roll.