Nanny Payroll Software

Nanny payroll software is going to do a lot of the pay calculations and data management on its own, but there’s still some basic information that smart business owners and household employers should know. Find the information you need about nanny pay and industry standards, Form 1040 Schedule H and other applicable payroll tax forms, as well as what you can expect from AMS Payroll.

Nanny Paychecks and Employer Resources

Paying a nanny is confusing. What starts out as a fairly straightforward process quickly gets complicated by federal and state filing forms, tax withholdings, salary vs. hourly wages, and unusual employee benefit packages. Without a reliable nanny payroll calculator, the headaches that come with weekly, biweekly, or monthly paycheck calculations are all but inevitable. Worst of all, these potential speed bumps tend to show up right when the nanny and household are trying to establish a mutual level of trust. That’s why nanny payroll is an essential resource for household employers of all kinds.

Nanny Payroll Taxes and Tax Forms

Nanny payroll taxes are the same as other employee taxes in that the employer and employee typically split the 15.3% FICA tax liability that goes to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. On the other hand, many household employers have the option to simplify their payroll tax reporting and end-of-year filings by using Form 1040 Schedule H.

At least the rates for these payroll tax withholdings are constant. Employers will also want the nanny to fill out Form W-4 so they can calculate the nanny’s income tax withholdings. Plus, several states have specific rules and tax forms pertaining to household employees. Not to worry, AMS can handle these state forms and employer filing requirements as well. Discover what else is the same and a little different about the nanny tax and paying nanny taxes.

Nanny Payroll Software: AMS vs. The Competition

Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) isn’t going to pretend to be a neutral arbiter, but we don’t mind telling you what about our approach and products stands out from the competition. In large part, it’s the combination of a user-friendly interface with high-volume, high-efficiency support that makes AMS software the best nanny payroll service.

What about cost and price structure? We use a flat-fee model that reflects our modular products. Looking for an honest and simple cost-comparison? Check out how our nanny payroll service cost is able to outperform the competition.