When are Corrected 1099s Due?

There is no hard deadline for when you must file your business’s corrected 1099s. Aim to submit amended forms to the Internal Revenue Service within three years of your original filing date. A three-year window exists to collect a refund from an amended form. The IRS generally does not reject or block amended 1099s that you send after the three-year mark.

Review your 1099s as soon as possible and check to make sure everything is in order. You may make specific errors on forms that require different fixes. A common Type 1 Error is entering an incorrect amount on the form. A common Type 2 Error is including the wrong payer or recipient information. Correct each type of error on a new 1099 form and check the “corrected” box at the top of the form if applicable. File two 1099s for a Type 2 Error. Mark the first form as “corrected” with zeros in the amount boxes and the same incorrect payer or recipient information. Submit the second form with the correct information. Do not mark “corrected” on the second form.

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