When Do You Have to File 1099s Electronically?

Electronic filing deadlines for 1099s depend on the specific type of 1099 form. Your window for e-filing may extend through March 31. File Form 1099-NEC to the Internal Revenue Service by January 31 for paper and electronic submissions. The IRS may otherwise enforce late penalty fees. Send Form 1099-MISC to the IRS by March 31 if you electronically file the return. You will need to send the recipient copy to your vendor by January 31 regardless of your filing method.

The IRS expanded their electronic filing mandates earlier this year for 2024. You will need to file electronically if your business submits 10 or more information returns and/or statements within a calendar year. The change is an adjustment from a previous rule for more than 250 returns. The new mandate will affect how you submit your 1099 forms, Forms W-2, and Affordable Care Act forms.

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