How Do You File a 1099 Correction?

Rectifying any mistakes that you made on Form 1099 is simple enough. You need to complete a new, accurate form. The next step is for you to send it directly to the Internal Revenue Service. Attach a Form 1096 with your new version if you send an amended paper version. Make sure to check the box labeled “corrected” at the top of the form. Failure to include these documents and identify the reason why you sent them will not fix your problem.


Consider why you may need to file a 1099 correction:


Type 1 Errors – You discovered that you reported inaccurate money amounts. The original form reflects incorrect codes and/or checkboxes. Another reason to file an amended form is if you file a return by mistake.


Type 2 Errors – You noticed that there is an issue with a TIN or a wrong name on the return.


Resolve Type 1 errors in a few steps. Complete an amended form and include an “X” within the “corrected” box. Enter accurate information onto your Form 1096 and mail the revisions to the contractor, the IRS, and the state tax department.


Type 2 requires you to take a few extra steps. Enter the payer’s name and the correct account number information. Write “zero” for the money amounts. Amend your Form 1096. Mention “filed to rectify SSN” or “filed to rectify name” at the top of the form.

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