Finding the Answers to 1099 FAQ with AMS

The internet is full of 1099 FAQ pages, but that doesn’t mean they have the answers you need. The 1099 is a complicated, important form, and most frequently asked questions are specific to how preparers fill them out. We think the best way to share a 1099 FAQ is to make it specific to the preparation method. In other words, this 1099 FAQ is designed with Advanced Micro Solutions users in mind. We know the stumbling blocks for this form, so we’ll bring you through the answers to common questions.


Can an Employee Receive a W-2 and a 1099?

Yes, employees can receive both a W-2 and a 1099. However, this should be avoided when possible. The most common situation in which an employee will receive both forms is if they have an independent business that actively serves other clients

For example: If you have an employee who works for you as a writer, they will receive a W-2 form for that work. If they also have an independent business that supplies consulting work, you can contract that worker and use a 1099.

For more information, see our post about receiving both a W-2 and 1099. We’ll also walk you through worker classification and the tax relationship between an employee and an employer.


Can I Make Changes to a 1099 Form?

In short: Yes. The 1099 is a common form that lends itself to various challenges. If you want to change a 1099 form after filing, you’ll likely need to fill out new forms. If you want more information about specific ways to amend a 1099, check out our post devoted to fixing errors. Remember that, when it comes to making mistakes, one of the easiest ways to avoid accidents is to invest in a software solution that does half the work for you. Our W-2/1099 Filer is a great place to start.


Can One 1099 Form Have Two Recipients?

No. On a 1099, you can only print 1 recipient per page. This comes down to the nature of the work performed in a 1099 contract. For example, if you are contracting two people to do a specific job, each contract indicates a separate payee entity. Unless those two people work for the same contracted company, their earnings must be split between 1099 forms. If they work for the same contracted company, the 1099 form will bear the name of that entity, not the individual worker. For more information about why you can only print one recipient per page, see our dedicated 1099 FAQ page.


Additional 1099 FAQ Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about the 1099-MISC form, we have a separate 1099-MISC FAQ page that covers more basic questions. This includes information about filing deadlines, where to get a 1099, and who must file a 1099. However, know that if you are a customer of AMS and have any questions about how to file a document, you have software support to back you up. We have a dedicated FAQ feed for 1099 that delves into the minutia of the form, but we also provide support. No matter what 1099 FAQ concerns you have, tools from Advanced Micro Solutions can help.

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