Can I Use Software to Generate W-2 Forms?

Yes, you can and should use software to generate W-2 forms for the Internal Revenue Service and for your employees. Using software to generate these and other tax forms helps minimize a risk of errors. Preventing these errors reduces the fines or penalties your company encounters if you make a mistake during the next tax […]

Can Payroll Software Generate Pay Stubs for Employees?

Yes, any reliable payroll software can generate pay stubs for your employees. Avoid the tedious process of creating pay stubs by hand. Keep track of your employee wage payments, withheld taxes, and deductions for the pay periods. Payroll software for pay stub generation also reduces the risk of you making errors with your business’s financial […]

Can I Use Software to Generate 1099 Forms?

Yes, you can use software to generate 1099 forms. Filling out 1099 forms by hand is an arduous process that can result in many avoidable errors. A complete database system that generates a variety of 1099 and W-2 forms reduces major input mistakes. Generating your business’s 1099 forms will save you time and money. You […]

Do You Need to Issue a 1099 for Software Subscriptions?

Surprisingly, the answer is no. New employers need to think about 1099 filings and which transactions require annual reporting. You must submit Form 1099 to report a number of non-employee compensations. Services performed may range from independent contractor pay to awards, prizes, and rents. There are exceptions for what employers must report and reporting software […]

How can I transfer this just one Payer from a prior year to the current year?

You can Transfer a single payer from one year to the next. On the Main Menu, select Utilities>Program System Utilities>Transfer Data from a Prior Program Year. Click thru the various screens until you get to the one where you are actually specifying the Work Directory for each year. At the bottom of the screen is […]

Can checks be transferred to QuickBooks?

You may write payroll checks from the 1099-etc software. The software will not transfer the transaction(s) to QuickBooks. We do offer an export to QuickBooks General Journal, but individual payroll checks cannot be transferred.

Can the forms generated in your software be saved in pdf format?

Yes, you can generate PDF files from the forms/reports in our program. You will need to printthe forms/reports as normal, but make sure to select "Print Preview or Multiple Printing on the Printer Mode screen. Continueto print the form/report as normal but when prompted, to "View, Print or Quit", select View. Click Save as PDF […]

Is there a way to send a form to a .TXT file instead of to a physical printer?

Install a "Generic Text-Only" Windows printer specifying the port "FILE". Go to the Forms Menu and set the printer for Mode 1 to that printer (Options>Printer Settings). Now, print the 1099INT form selecting Mode 1, Windows will ask for the file name you want to print to, specify the file name and use the extension […]