What You Need in Accountant-Friendly Payroll Software in 2023

Firms of all sizes will benefit from using accountant-friendly payroll software in 2023. Payroll becomes redundant for even the most eager and focused accountant. The manual process of running the payroll of a business is laborious and opens up a firm and clients to encountering many types of errors. Accountants must keep up-to-date with evolving local, state, and federal legislation that influences payroll processing. Streamline the process with reliable and comprehensive payroll software with the right program in tax year 2023.

Advanced Micro Solutions provides more than simple data storage for an accounting firm and its clients. Whether you serve five clients or 50 clients, look for customizable software like our AMS Payroll that meets your specific criteria while remaining an affordable option for all involved.


Why is Accountant-Friendly Payroll Software 2023 Beneficial?

Payroll software makes processing data and information quicker and more straightforward. Take some time to consider how payroll software technology will benefit you and your firm.

Digital Paper Trail – You never know when the Internal Revenue Service will audit your client. Avoid stuffing your cabinets or desk draws with paperwork. You will decrease the likelihood of misplacing important and needed papers when you invest in payroll software. Software allows you to store all of your clients’ data in one place. Access your information any time that you need it with a few simple clicks.

Less Risk of Errors – Errors affect a company’s financial records and tax returns. Errors also take a toll on how much a company trusts your firm to manage its payroll information. Look for an accountant-friendly payroll software that always maintains compliance so you do not trigger an audit from the IRS. Making an error can result in a business underpaying some or all of the employees, which can lead to retention issues. Fewer mistakes with software means an overall less amount of time spent correcting any mistakes or handling potential penalties and fines.

Ongoing Support – Running payroll for your clients may feel isolating at times. You may also have some questions as you run it or need suggestions to streamline the overall process. Use payroll software to access ongoing customer support features. These tools are also beneficial for training new accountants in your firm.

Improved Profit – Save your company hours of employee work with accountant-friendly payroll software. Comprehensive payroll software allows a business to claw back on its lost profits. See whether software enables you to expand your client roster while providing higher-value work. A program that frees up your time often translates to improved efficiency in other areas.


Best Payroll Software Tools for Accountants

Consider the types of businesses that you serve, how many you run payroll for, and the specific features needed by each company. The following payroll software tools might not be necessary for all of your clients, but make sure to keep your options open with your program.

Scalability – Envision the possible trajectory of your client list and who you want to serve in the short and the long term. You may only have a few localized clients now, but that may change in several years. Look for accountant-friendly payroll software that offers the flexibility for you to expand from a small to mid-sized client list if you choose.

Multiple Payment Options – Some businesses prefer to pay employees with physical checks. Other companies exclusively pay their workers through direct deposit. Keep in mind that there are many direct deposit options to utilize in payroll processing. Check to ensure that a program has multiple capabilities so that you do not limit the payroll that your firm can manage.

Multi-State Payroll – Do you manage the payroll of businesses in different states? Do any of your clients operate in multiple states? Make sure that your software supports your necessary geographic regions. It should keep you compliant with all payroll tax laws.

Not Needing to Upgrade for Features – Programs exist where you do not need to constantly upgrade and pay additional fees for access to the latest payroll features. Find an all-in-one program to potentially reduce needless upgrades or needing to buy additional software.


Why Use AMS for Accountant-Friendly Payroll Software for 2023

AMS Payroll supports accountants and clients in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Our software supports up to 1,999 payers and 9,999 employees per payer. Print over 30 different check types individually or by a date range. Our add-on payroll module also processes employee direct deposit information for tax year 2023. Download our free 1099-etc Demo software today to create your own accounting suite of tools for you or your firm’s needs.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.