The Benefits of Payroll Software for Small Businesses 

You can save valuable time and resources by utilizing payroll software for small businesses. Employers need a reliable payroll system to submit payroll taxes on time and ensure their employees receive accurate paychecks. Managing payroll by hand can be difficult for employers who have other responsibilities. If you still process payroll by hand, your business can benefit from payroll software.

1099-etc. payroll software can make your payroll process more efficient. Advanced Micro Solutions products are ideal for small businesses looking for cost-efficient software to automate payroll. The modular approach of AMS products means you can construct your ideal software tool to handle not only payroll, but also tax filing. Learn how small business payroll software can improve your operations.



Payroll Software for Small Businesses Saves Time and Effort 

Payroll software is a powerful tool for small businesses. The software’s functions cover each aspect of the payroll process. The following abilities are just some of the benefits of using payroll software for small businesses.

  • Calculate Payroll Taxes- An employer must collect and remit payroll taxes to the IRS from each employee paycheck. Payroll software calculates these taxes for you.
  • Organize Employee Files- Keeping your files organized is key to completing payroll. A software tool helps you create and organize payroll files for each of your employees and other payees.
  • Smooth Transition to Year-End Tax Filing- Employers need payroll data from the year to complete taxes for their employees and payees. A quality payroll software makes this transfer of payroll information to tax documents easier.  
  • Print Payroll Checks and Process Direct Deposit- Payroll software facilitates payroll check printing and direct depositing so that your employees get their check on time.
  • Payroll Reporting- A software tool can generate the payroll reporting forms you need to submit to the IRS by their deadline.


AMS Software Streamlines Your Payroll

AMS offers a quality and cost-effective payroll software for small businesses so that you can take advantage of all the useful features of the software. The accounting and payroll software supports all the federal, state, and local tax reporting forms you need. This will allow you to stay on top of reporting requirements. Additionally, the software automatically calculates the various payroll taxes to prevent human error. You can easily set up payee and employee files to keep all your payroll reporting organized. All these features of AMS payroll software make payroll manageable for small businesses. Even someone with limited payroll experience can navigate the AMS easy-to-use, menu-driven format.



Small business payroll software can find a payroll solution without having to hire a payroll professional. AMS uses a modular approach to software options. This way, you can purchase the base software platform and add-on products as you need them. You can access a free demo of AMS software to test the software for yourself and see how the products can integrate with your business. With any questions, you can call our Sales and Information Team at (800) 536-1099 to talk about software options for your business.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.