Payroll for Accounting Firms in 2023

Accountants regularly look for the latest, most up-to-date software for accounting firms and their payroll needs, and 2023 is no exception. Payroll software constantly evolves and accountants require new technologies to satisfy all of their clients. Whether you use cloud-based software or a disc-based program, look for a fully comprehensive system that keeps you at the forefront of all the important tax and legislative changes. Keep in mind that traditional payroll software tools can still have a place within your business and amongst popular 2023 technology.

Advanced Micro Solutions provides trustworthy and affordable payroll software for accounting firms. Manage your clients offline and never worry about monthly fees with our add-on module AMS Payroll and other optional modules alongside our W-2/1099 Forms Filer base program.


What to Look for in Payroll for Accounting Firms in 2023

Accountants save time and resources when they invest in a one-stop-shop accounting and payroll program. It may not always be commonplace, but it is available for accounting firms. Plan your next software investment around the following key features.

Scalability – The length of your clients list now may not reflect the number that you hope to have in five years. Find a program that will support you whether you have 10 or 100 clients.

Customization – Many small business clients have different needs now than they did five years ago. Consider whether your accounting software actively supports employee and non-employee compensation. The rise of remote workers makes that an important discussion at an accounting firm. Think about the way that your clients prefer to distribute payments to employees and other workers. Payroll for accounting firms in 2023 should give you direct deposit and check printing capabilities.

All-in-One Features – The ideal software combines accounting and payroll technology into one easy-to-use program. Find the all-in-one arrangement to reduce the risk of duplicating your data entries. All-in-one applications better reflect a client’s most recent activity on a general ledger. A good tax and payroll provider does not limit these all-in-one features to only larger businesses.

Integration Options – Integration is important between all types of software programs, even if you have an all-in-one application for payroll and accounting. Look to make sure your software allows you to import and export data from a multitude of sources. Try to seek total integration in your payroll for accounting firms in 2023.


Common Payroll Mistakes for Accountants to Avoid

Small business clients outsource to accountants because they trust that accountants will offer greater accuracy. Failing to comply with local, state, or federal regulations result in fees for a company and will cause big problems for your firm. Take into consideration some of the most common and avoidable payroll errors to prevent yourself from making them.

Payroll Miscalculations – Financial issues may eventually arise if you do not promptly address any payroll miscalculations. Use software to calculate totals and amend any miscalculations at a more efficient pace.

Employee Misclassifications – Declare which of your workers are employees and which ones are independent contractors. Review how the Internal Revenue Service classifies these types of workers before you enter the wrong information in your payroll for accounting firms in 2023.

Missing Tax Deadlines – Accountants must keep track of all employment tax filing deadlines. The same rule applies for income taxes. Speak with your clients about making sure all of their employees use Form W-4 to determine the amount that they want withheld for income tax. A simple mistake or oversight can become costly if you ignore it.

Lacking Backup Records – Keep a digital record of your documents and invest in software to back up these files in the event of a problem. Technological and earthly catastrophes can wipe out company data. The IRS has limits to its understanding of these types of events. Consider keeping data on an external hard drive at an established off-site location.


The Benefits of AMS for Accounting Firms

Our full accounting suite of tools provides accounting firms with enough support to automatically calculate federal, state, and local payroll taxes for each of their clients. Download our free demo software today to see a fully functional version of our program and explore it with your own data. Our payroll for accounting firms in 2023 includes state and federal tax tables for users to update as needed. Export your company’s data to our Forms Filer program for year-end processing. An additional feature of our 1099 software is our available payer backup and restore features. Save and encrypt any reports that you make into PDF files.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.