Mistakes to Avoid with Payroll Processing for Accountants

Avoid overlooking useful tools as you search for payroll processing for accountants. Affordable and automated systems streamline weekly tasks for accountants who manage multiple clients. Simplify your work rather than adding more steps to it. A vendor offering accounting and payroll processing features for accountants is highly beneficial. It may make sense to explore additional software filing modules. Consider finding a full suite of tools. Accountants can generate forms and report data before they e-file to the IRS or SSA directly from the software.

Advanced Micro Solutions offers a base program or a modular accounting suite for accountants. Customize your package in the way that best satisfies your and your clients’ needs. We help accountants who are starting out and those who need to invest in new or better software. Start by reviewing our core W-2/1099 Forms Filer to see whether it will meet your basic requirements.


How to Choose Payroll Processing for Accountants

You may know which payroll features you want, but consider the ones that you need. Running client payroll takes time. You may feel more overwhelmed if you process payroll for businesses of different sizes. Keep these tips in mind when you go to choose your first or next software:

Find accounting software that offers payroll management. Consider whether the accounting software you use or tested has payroll processing features. Look for an all-in-one service as an accountant. All-in-one software reduces the risk of entering the same data twice. You will notice that it improves your general ledger by reflecting the most up-to-date activity. AMS stands apart with its payroll processing for accountants. We designed our software and accompanying AMS Payroll module with small business clients in mind.

Consider alternatives to software integration. Some accountants integrate their accounting and payroll software. AMS users do not need to worry about manually syncing up any separate software products. Opt for an all-in-one accounting suite instead of seeking integration. Either of these options can be good, but you should save time whenever it is possible.

Do not limit yourself with less options or zero flexibility. All accountants have unique needs just like their clients. Find the right software that lets you customize your tool accessibility. Look for additional options like easy payer set-up and free product support.

Make sure that tax reporting and remittance are top priorities. Invest in payroll processing for accountants software with the important tools in mind. Small businesses rely on accountants to prepare reports and pay taxes so that they can manage other company duties. Save clients a significant amount of time and prove your reliability so that they do not feel more overworked.


Questions to Ask About Payroll Processing Software

Implementing payroll processing software is a critical step, not to be taken lightly. Do not sacrifice payroll quality for the sake of speed. Ask yourself these questions before you invest in any new software:

What features are important? Review if you need complete integrations for any software. Take charge sooner rather than later because vendors do not create identical payroll processing for accountants. Invest in the proper analytics if you came up short in that area before or a client has asked for more in-depth figures. Consider whether you need additional modules as well.

Does the software’s value match its cost? Look for payroll software that fits within your firm’s budget. Certain vendors design payroll software with accountants under consideration. Ask if a vendor offers unique services for accountants. See how many clients and employment tax forms they support even if they do not offer any special features. A software’s size and scalability may outweigh a firm spending a little more money.

How do other accountants feel about the software? Ask around before you decide to invest in a specific program. Do other accountants express satisfaction with the product? Do they find the software easy to use? Do not overlook the importance of these questions before you commit to new software.


Why Accountants Use AMS

We only require users to purchase our W-2/1099 core program. Accountants can build off of that purchase in whatever way that they choose. AMS Payroll supports up to 1,999 Payers and 9,999 employees per payer. Accountants electronically file 941, 944, and 940 forms and export data to our Forms Filer for year-end processing. E-filing is the next possible step with payroll processing for accountants. Discover how we designed these types of modules for accountant use by trying our free 1099-etc Demo. Call us directly at 1-(800)-536-1099 to schedule a demo or ask any questions.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.