Rethink Your Cloud Payroll Software this Year

Cloud payroll software is a trend in business accounting tools. But if your company is switching providers, you’ll want to consider how Internet-based payroll could affect your business. While cloud payroll can work for some, it can be detrimental to others. The high cost, subscription model, and lack of data ownership can cause trouble for some companies.

Advanced Micro Solutions offers an alternative to overpriced cloud-based payroll tools. Our modular software system is disc-based and designed with small business needs in mind. If you have an accounting need, we have a solution.



Why Choose a Disc-Based Software?

Cloud payroll software is popular for a reason. For many, convenience is the primary benefit. Users can log into their payroll dashboard from any device – as long as they have appropriate log-in credentials. This can be a good option for companies with payroll workers in different locations who have consistent Internet access.

That said, cloud payroll software isn’t always the best choice. In fact, for many businesses, disc-based tools are the better option. Cloud-based payroll requires a monthly subscription to maintain access to services and data. If a business fails to pay their monthly fee, they can lose access to critical information. For businesses with tight budgets, this can be devastating.

By contrast, disc-based platforms are more affordable than cloud-based tools. Users often pay a small annual fee for updated materials. Disc-based options also don’t require an Internet connection, which is important for businesses in rural communities and areas without consistent Internet.

Disc-based platforms are secure and customizable, allowing users to pick which services they want. With these tools, your data lives on your device – not in a cloud server thousands of miles away. This added level of security and ownership can provide much-needed peace of mind.


Get the Payroll Software You Need from AMS

Advanced Micro Solutions offers a disc-based alternative to trendy cloud payroll software tools. Our platform is secure, easy to use, and works regardless of your Internet connection. In addition to providing needed stability, AMS Payroll, our payroll software, includes the following features:

  • Processes “live” and after-the-fact payroll
  • Supports up to 1,999 payers and up to 9,999 employees per payer
  • Automatically calculates federal, state, and local payroll taxes
  • Imports and exports data to/from a variety of sources
  • Creates a variety of payroll reports, including Employee Detail, Worker’s Compensation, and Payer/Tax Summary


AMS Payroll is just one platform in our larger software suite. AMS tools work modularly, which means users can select the support they need. This ensures that customers only pay for the tools they want. Start with our W-2/1099 Forms Filer and add the services that will best support your business.

Not sure if AMS is the provider for you? We understand that purchasing software is a big decision. That’s why we offer a free demo software tool. This is a great opportunity to try our software without pulling out the company credit card. Customers with lingering questions are encouraged to give our Sales and Information Team a call at 800-536-1099.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.