Choose Automated Payroll Systems for Small Business to Save Time and Money

Automated payroll systems for small business needs are an increasingly common software tool. Payroll can take a long time to calculate, and there are several deductions, additions, and taxes employers must consider when cutting a check.

An automated payroll tool makes the process faster and easier. And, with a product like AMS Payroll, you’ll be able to run an automated payroll system without overspending on a budget.



What is Payroll Automation?

Automated payroll software is exactly what it sounds like: Payroll tools that automatically calculate employee wages. But paycheck calculation is more complicated than multiplying hourly wage by the number of hours worked. A payroll tool should be able to automatically calculate and withhold federal, state, and local payroll taxes – as well as deductions and additions an employer may provide. These software tools should also be able to print checks and facilitate direct deposit processing.

Automated payroll will also automatically save essential payroll data. All employers need to maintain payroll records to support end-of-year processing. When it’s time to distribute W-2 and 1099 forms, business accountants must compile payroll data from the tax year to record total withholding, benefits provided, and wages earned. Employers must also maintain payroll records for at least three years. Investing in automated payroll systems for small business needs will simplify the archival process.


How Can Automated Payroll Help?

Automated payroll systems for small businesses allow employers to calculate wages swiftly and accurately. Choosing an automated software simplifies one of the most complex – and time-consuming – pieces of business accounting. You may be paying employees two to three times per month, depending on your payment schedule. Doing that manually will take several hours of work for each pay period. Rather than wasting days using a calculator to write paychecks, let an automated payroll system do it for you.


Find an Automated Payroll Solution from AMS

Advanced Micro Solutions provides an effective and affordable automated payroll system. AMS Payroll, our payroll module, automatically calculates and withholds relevant taxes. Users can also customize up to 40 fields for additions and deductions, like retirement contributions and health insurance. For new and growing businesses who want the ease of automated payroll at a lower price point, AMS has what you need.

Plus, AMS is disc-based, and users only pay annually. This can be an easier payment structure for small- and medium-sized businesses. SaaS, or tools that require a monthly subscription, are often too expensive for these companies to consider.

If you’re not sure whether AMS is the best fit for your company, try our free demo software. We want our customers to be confident in their purchasing. If you determine that AMS Payroll isn’t exactly the tool you need, you can make that decision before pulling out the company credit card. For those with lingering questions, our Sales and Information Team is available at 800-536-1099. Automated payroll systems for small businesses are often overpriced, but AMS makes them accessible.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.