Tips for Managing Construction Time Tracking for 2023

Search early on for ease of use when you invest in 2023 construction time tracking software. A user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation tools allow construction company team members to adapt to a program without extensive and resource-draining training. Do not underestimate the importance of robust reporting capabilities or reliable compliance features. A big part of time tracking for construction companies is parsing through your data and understanding all of the regulations. Customize your reports while you stay compliant with all labor regulations in one integrated program.

Advanced Micro Solutions offers a full accounting suite of tools for construction companies of all sizes. Our base W-2/1099 Forms Filer program corresponds easily with our AMS Payroll add-on module. Eliminate the guesswork and reduce the risk of errors when you stop recording the time for workers by hand.


Benefits of Using Construction Time Tracking 2023 Software

Managing construction projects can feel overwhelming or complex in the best of circumstances. Implement comprehensive software and utilize trustworthy tools to simplify the process and to make the most of the benefits.

Labor Compliance – Automate your calculations and stay compliant throughout the year with a time tracking program. The best software alerts project managers about an employee’s overtime limit. Keep track of when you should schedule breaks and time off for your workers. Look for the best software for your company that offers detailed reports ahead of any inspections or audits.

Enhanced Efficiency – Save time with time tracking software and identify the areas where your construction company wastes time. Construction time tracking software for the 2023 tax season streamlines your business’s operations and allows you to keep your projects on schedule.

Accurate Budgeting – Accurately estimating your project costs is crucial for any construction project. Time tracking software gives you more precise data than if you tried to manually figure out the exact time each employee spent on a task. You should not encounter surprises as you determine your current or future project costs.

No More Messy Paperwork – The Internal Revenue Service prefers organized paper trails if they reach out to you with questions. Keeping an organized data filing system makes your life easier as well. You will not need to make educated guesses or try to find misplaced files with construction time tracking 2023 software storage.


How Do I Find the Best Time Tracking Software?

Prioritize keeping track of your employees’ time spent on projects even once tax season ends. How you manage time at the start of the year will likely set the course for the remainder of the year. Look for the best software early to offset any avoidable complications or delays.

Assess your business’s needs and determine your specific goals. Understand why you need time tracking construction software before you invest in it. You might want to start by considering some important factors. Does your company need a more accurate log of any employee injuries? Perhaps you need software that more efficiently calculates employee overtime. Some businesses may need to start construction time tracking in 2024 with a system that integrates with an existing payroll system.

Research your software options in a thorough manner. Construction company managers know that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to time tracking technology. Review what people think about software before you purchase any system. Make sure to find a program solution that offers comprehensive security features and does not require extensive training.

Ask yourself the important questions beforehand. Understand where you fall short in your present-day time tracking efforts. Do you encounter inaccurate data entry problems? Find the best program that eliminates your need to enter the same information multiple times. Did you lose any important data due to system glitches? Look for time tracking capabilities with tools that automatically save and restore any data.


Why Construction Companies Use AMS

Manage construction time tracking for 2023 tax year with the most secure software. AMS offers payer backup and restore features within its base 1099 program. Users may optionally save any reports to a PDF file and encrypt these files for safe-keeping. Our easy-to-use interface lets construction company managers check data entry accuracy when they generate hash totals through the Table Report feature.

AMS software helps ensure the success of construction companies in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. We will provide the support that a business needs for state-based obligations and regulations. View our included and regularly updated state and federal tax tables as needed. Download our free 1099-etc Demo software today to explore which specific tools most effectively aid construction companies.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.