Why Small Businesses Need Affordable 1099 and W-2 Software in 2023

Finding affordable 1099 and W-2 software in 2023 enables small businesses to successfully adapt to hiring both employees and remote workers. An increasing number of remote workers in your business might cause issues if your current accounting software does not accommodate your non-employee compensation reporting. Save your business time and money by not purchasing multiple accounting and payroll programs. Look for an all-in-one tax and accounting system that eliminates concerns about integration and usability.

Advanced Micro Solutions offers small to mid-sized businesses a base W-2/1099 Forms Filer software program. Build onto our core product with any or all of our optional add-on modules. Download our free 1099-etc Demo software today to explore the six add-on modules and how each one may present an affordable solution for your business in tax year 2023.


The Benefits of Affordable 1099 and W-2 Software for 2023

Investing in a reliable program ahead of the next tax season might make a difference in a few ways. Your tax software does not need to break your budget. An affordable product can have the following benefits for your business:

Faster Receipt and Turnaround Period – File your business’s taxes electronically to eliminate the extra time that it takes to order forms and snail-mail them to the Internal Revenue Service. Confirm quicker that the IRS has accepted and processed any returns. Many businesses prefer to prepare their documentation rather than seek the help of a paid tax preparer. Filing in-house means that you do not have a separate waiting period and can file when you are ready.

More Cost-Effective – Eliminate ordering too many forms or printing materials with affordable 1099 and W-2 software. Choose affordable tax form software instead of hiring an accountant to avoid paying separate fees that may become considerably more expensive over time.

Improved Organization – Store your information from previous tax years securely in case the IRS decides to audit your business. Knowing where your files are located streamlines the need to access any receipts or provide paper trails. Minimize the risk of making any avoidable errors or having a hard time reading handwritten forms. Reliable tax software identifies the saved tax forms and documents as you begin the filing process.

Less of a Learning Curve – Do not invest in a program that creates more work for you. The best affordable 1099 and W-2 software for tax year 2023 provides easy payer and employee set-up. Speak to your prospective vendor about their customer service arm and whether you can expect 24/7 support and/or access to troubleshooting resources.


What are the Best W-2 and 1099 Software Features?

Look for some foundational features when you select tax software for your business. You may know what you want, but you should always prioritize what the business needs. Find a product that first and foremost frees up time for other daily management tasks. Consider the following key features as well.

Electronic Submissions – Use e-file services to electronically submit your year-end 1099 and W-2 forms to the IRS or the Social Security Administration. The IRS requires more businesses to electronically submit forms than in years past. Affordable 1099 and W-2 software can help you save on printing and mailing costs in 2023.

A Common Payee File – Use the tax software feature to select a payee across payers or 1099 forms. Save yourself or your payroll department time by not needing to enter the same worker information more than once.

Automatic Data Saving – Reduce the risk of losing data when you find tax software with solid data-saving technology. Some software will automatically save your data in the 1099 software when you access a new form or record.

Pre-Printed Forms – Some businesses will always need to print certain documents. Ask your potential vendor whether you can print your tax documents on pre-printed forms. Software like AMS’ core product allows users to easily enter their data onto entry screens that look just like the actual form.


Choose AMS as the Affordable Software

Gain an all-in-one system with no subscriptions or hidden fees when you use AMS’ affordable 1099 and W-2 software. We provide electronic filing options through the use of e-file services. Use the browse command feature to enter data in a spreadsheet format. Does your business operate in more than one location? Do not spend more money by paying for multiple software programs. We support all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Create an SSN verification file to verify an employee’s Social Security Number with the SSA as you get started.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.