What are the Essentials in 1099 Software for Small Businesses?

Most 1099 software for small businesses have basic functions to streamline accounting and payroll tasks. Look for your first or your next 1099 software with more than just the basics. A program should go beyond offering basic calculations and data storage. Look for a system that provides unique or customizable tax preparation and reporting features. Remember that small businesses each possess different needs. The best 1099 program will provide users with a demo or trial. Determine what tools your business needs when you use these offerings.

Advanced Micro Solutions offers a full-accounting suite of tax tools for small businesses and accountants. Our base W-2/1099 Forms Filer has six optional add-on modules to pair with it. Download our free 1099-etc Demo software today and explore which of these modules is an appropriate add-on for your business’s 1099 management process.


Why Do I Need 1099 Software for Small Businesses?

Stay efficient all-year-round and not just during tax season with small business software. Ask yourself the following questions before you invest in a better program or your first software.

Does our current software create more work for us? Save your small business time and resources with comprehensive 1099 software. Streamline the business’s data entry process when you invest in automated tools. Automation may include a Common Payee File. Select a payee across payers or 1099 forms and avoid typing in the same information multiple times.

Is our small business tax paperwork disorganized? End your small business’s reliance on filing cabinets. Any size business can need to manage a lot of paperwork. Find 1099 software for small businesses that includes practical storage options. AMS is one type of system that supports up to 99,999 employees or recipients per payer.

Do we spend too much money on tax software? Finding affordable tax software is possible. Research first what features or tools matter most to your business. Prioritize the features and avoid the programs that offer unnecessary bells and whistles. Talk to a 1099 software vendor before purchasing their product. Check to make sure they do not include hidden or extra fees.

Has the business repeatedly missed or forgotten important deadlines? Small businesses all know the importance of meeting a tax deadline. Smaller companies cannot afford to incur a major penalty or significant fines from the Internal Revenue Service. Invest in 1099 software for small businesses that calculates your selected data all year.


Best 1099 Software Tools

Make sure that your future 1099 software meets the basic and specific-to-you prerequisites. The best features to look for in your business’s software oftentimes include:

Automatic Data Saving – Reduce the risk of losing important data with automatic data saving. Protect your business and employees’ data with secure software that saves as soon as anyone accesses a file. Do not look for shortcuts when you explore data security.

Pre-Printed Forms – Print tax forms on pre-printed documents with the right software. Reduce the amount of time spent entering certain information. You may even find that an E-File solution makes more sense to add onto your 1099 software for small businesses.

Easy Form Alignment – Improve your business’s overall efficiency when you no longer need to align each of your tax forms. Use your gained time to focus on other areas of operation for your small business.

Total Integration – Look for a system that allows you to keep your accounting tasks in-house if that is what you want to do. A program like AMS includes E-File and Software Generated Forms modules. Create reports and send 1099 documents directly from your program to the IRS with a few simple clicks.


Why AMS Works for Small Businesses

Avoid delaying and invest in a small business 1099 software that makes tax preparation work easier for everyone. We created AMS software with small businesses’ unique needs in mind. Our six optional add-on modules are AMS Payroll, Software Generated Forms, E-File, Forms Filer Plus, Affordable Care Act Filer, and a 1042-S Filer. Use these modules to easily enter the data onto entry screens and electronically file documents to the appropriate agencies.

Our software operates in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Import your business’s data from a multitude of sources like Excel, form print files, and ordinary text files. Check the accuracy of your data entries faster than before. The 1099 software for small businesses’s Table Report feature generates hash totals of SSNs and TINs. Utilize our payer backup and restore features to safekeep all data.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.