First Steps for Handling 1099 Form Management

Stay on top of 1099 form management during the tax season and throughout the entire year. Keeping up-to-date on completing and filing 1099 forms should be a simple process. Avoid creating more work for yourself. Eliminate manual reporting of your 1099 information to the Internal Revenue Service. Reliable 1099 and W-2 software will streamline the entire process and will help you improve your business’s overall efficiency. Small businesses should consider which tools are most important to them as they prepare to invest in their first digitized system.

Advanced Micro Solutions offers small business owners and accountants a base W-2/1099 Forms Filer program. Our complete database system generates many types of 1099s, W-2s, and related forms. Purchase our scalable and affordable product for the ability to build onto it with any of our six optional add-on modules.


Who Needs 1099 Form Management?

The short answer is, everyone. Support your small business’s goals and better retain your workers with better form management whether you work with five or 50 people. You should additionally consider investing in software if you:

Need to reduce your cost of supplies and resources. Do you regularly order too many forms from the IRS or printing materials like paper and ink? Eliminate the cost of printing and mailing a series of 1099 forms with software that includes an E-Filer. Generate your own forms with digital software rather than relying on guesswork for how many forms you will need.

Lose or misplace your 1099 documents. Have you lost important documents that you may need for future audits or tax seasons? Invest in 1099 form management software and store all of your important files for the IRS’ required number of years. Safeguard your files in more than one location. Saving data in multiple locations is highly beneficial if a natural disaster causes any damage to your office space.

Want to improve your business’s efficiency. Did you unintentionally miss tax deadlines in the previous tax season? Use 1099 form software to address any mistakes. Minimize the risk of you making new ones that will result in your business needing to take time to fix them later. Software should enable you to focus on other business tasks and not let other duties fall by the wayside.

Want a simple solution for an inexperienced bookkeeper? Does someone in-house manage your books? The best 1099 form management provides easy payer and employee set-up for a first-time or inexperienced bookkeeper. A boutique is perhaps less likely to hire an accountant due to the cost. Avoid worrying about navigating an unfamiliar system. Find a vendor with a strong customer service arm that additionally offers 24/7 troubleshooting resources.


Best Features to Look for in 1099 Software

Consider the base features and any additional tools that you want within your 1099 software. Research thoroughly and see whether your desired software includes:

A Common Payee File – Eliminate needing to enter your workers’ information more than once with a Common Payee File. Select a payee across payers or 1099 forms with your tax software.

Data Automation – Use a Default Command within your 1099 form management software to “define” your values for a form. These values may include IDs and state codes. Speak with a prospective vendor if necessary to confirm whether you can calculate selected fields.

Easy Form Alignment – Enter data onto entry screens that resemble actual 1099 forms with software. Easy form alignment makes printing easier and saves you time that you can use for other weekly or monthly tasks.

Encryption Capabilities – Create encrypted PDF files with 1099 and W-2 software. Email reports to the appropriate recipients and better ensure that everyone’s data is secure.


Why Small Businesses Prefer AMS Software

Save time and money with our expandable and customizable 1099 software. Small businesses looking to transition away from manual bookkeeping do not need to look beyond our 1099 form management program. Our all-in-one system has no subscription or hidden fees. Our software provides an easy-to-use, menu-driven format. Simplify the selection of payers and forms while supporting up to 99,999 employees or recipients per payer. Our 1099 system operates in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Take your 1099 reporting a step further with our electronic filing options provided through the E-file Services. Our other five optional add-on modules are Software Generated Forms, AMS Payroll, Forms Filer Plus, Affordable Care Act Filer, and 1042-S Filer. Download our 1099-etc Demo software today to get started and see how these modules interact with the core system.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.