What Small Businesses Should Look for in a 1099 E-File Service

Finding an affordable 1099 e-file service is a smart long-term solution to reduce your company’s workload and stress. Saving money by filing paper returns is really only a short-term reality. You should consider how much time it takes your employees to do paper filing at the end of the year. You will likely realize that what you thought was cost saving actually lacks efficiency and leads to spending more money. Small businesses can benefit from using the same e-file services that larger corporations do. Submitting documents electronically minimizes paperwork for businesses with more than one or two payees.

Advanced Micro Solutions offers two e-file options: E-File Direct (add-on) or E-File Services. We designed our programs to provide greater convenience and help save users time and materials. Forget about spending too much time loading your special forms into your printer or ordering too many forms. The 1099-etc E-Filer module is fast, reliable, and affordable for small businesses.


Advantages of a 1099 E-File Service

You may find yourself in another scenario as you search for an e-file solution. Perhaps you have an existing program. Is it no longer working effectively for your business? The following ways are how a reliable e-filer should help you.

Immediate Confirmation – The IRS immediately notifies businesses upon receiving electronic tax returns. You will learn within 48 hours if the IRS found any errors in your business’s returns.

Quicker Processing – You can expect the IRS to process your returns sooner. Having an efficient system means that the IRS can avoid sorting or transcribing your tax returns at its service center.

Greater Security – Look for a secure 1099 e-file service that makes protecting your business’s information a top priority. The IRS provides one layer of security. Your e-filer software should also incorporate its own modern encryption technology.

Fewer Errors – Many businesses avoid entering duplicate data or forgetting to include certain forms with an e-file program. Confirm if your system catches human errors. You should strongly consider a change in software if you notice more avoidable mistakes than usual.


Use AMS for E-File Service Software

Accurate and comprehensive forms filing is essential for businesses of all sizes. AMS’ W-2/1099 Forms Filer functions as our core program with six optional add-on modules. Deciding which of our e-file options to get comes with important distinctions. Our E-File Direct works as an add-on payroll system. It is a flat fee with an unlimited number of form filings. The alternate option is our E-File Services. We base the cost of our E-File Services on volume pricing. The payroll software charges a fee per form and users electronically file forms through a secure third-party vendor.

Whichever AMS 1099 e-file service option you choose has its own unique benefits. Invest in the E-File Direct module if you prefer to manage your filing. Look otherwise into our E-File Services if you truly want to cut down on your reporting tasks. Learn which choice makes the most sense for your business with our free software demo. Our customer support is also available to answer your questions at (405) 340-0697.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.