Construction Payroll Software

Construction payroll software has to be versatile. There is no single standard for construction workers and employment arrangements. Some companies and segments of the industry use part-time and seasonal employees with few expectations for employee benefits. Other skilled laborers are hard to find and hard to retain. An aggressive employee benefits package may be just what you need to fill these positions.

Construction industry payroll software is responsible for handling the applicable state and local employment laws. Slightly different rules may also apply to private development vs. public construction projects. Only with a powerful yet user-friendly software solution—like the one from AMS—can your company hope to comply with all these obligations in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.

Get to Know Our Construction Payroll Software

With the versatility of our platform, AMS is popular both as payroll software for construction companies as well as individual contractor payroll software. With support for up to 9,999 payers and up to 99,999 payees per payer, we’re also the best payroll for construction industry accountants.

AMS can respond to your current-year payroll and filing requirements. It can also evolve with your company as it grows and takes on new kinds of projects and clients. With over three decades of success in providing W-2, 1099, and payroll support systems, we’ve learned more than a few things about what companies need from their construction payroll.

How Payroll Fits with Other Construction Industry Software

Construction business software is essential for overcoming the daunting survival odds facing new construction companies. From general construction accounting software to industry-specific performance metrics, from project estimates to customer communication apps, there is no shortage of software technologies you can integrate into traditional—but improved—construction business practices.

When it comes to payroll and filing forms, however, a different kind of support system is needed. Even some of the best and biggest names for construction management software can fail to offer reliable payroll support. More to this point, multiple software systems are the rule, not the exception. Successful construction companies know how to leverage multiple data management systems to support lean operations and efficient production.

What AMS Payroll has to Offer

We don’t try to pretend our construction payroll services are what you need for, say, project estimates and specifications software. At the same time, our modular approach and powerful importing feature make our payroll software the perfect complement to this type of industry-specific data management systems.

You’ll also be able to add extra features to your AMS software package. This includes the ability to print blank filing forms and MICR checks. Multiple e-file and mailing service options are available. That said, most of the features associated with construction payroll software is delivered through AMS Payroll. Check out the features that come with this system including automated paycheck calculations, custom fields for employee benefits and payroll adjustments, responsive payroll information tracking, and easy support for quarterly payroll filings.