The Best Payroll Software for Construction Company Success

Payroll software for a construction company needs to deliver paycheck calculations, payroll processing, and form filing support – pretty much what any employer needs. But the best solutions will be able to do this reliably, quickly, and without costing much to the user. With minimal effort, you should be able to set up payer and employee files that eliminate a lot of duplicate data entry. You should also be able to define custom payroll fields that calculate all employee paycheck adjustments. Multiple payment options should include a range of check types, pay vouchers, and direct deposit processing.

Most importantly, this software needs to have the versatility to accommodate companies of all sizes. Construction companies expand and contract throughout the year, and you’ll need a software than can work with your seasonal hiring schedule. This is the type of service AMS software can provide.

With us, you’ll have the support you need for state-based payroll obligations, unemployment tax and wage reporting, and other filing forms. You’ll be able to e-file this information and employment forms in states with submission systems, and the whole software is built on an intuitive platform and interface.

Payroll Software for a Construction Company of Any Size

From the independent contractors to major companies, the construction industry is populated by businesses of all sizes. Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) offers modular products packaged to meet a wide range of payroll and form filing needs, no matter the size of your operation.

  • Independent Contractors: If your business uses subcontractors for auxiliary labor needs, you may not construction payroll software. Instead of weekly and quarterly payroll obligations, these self-employed contractors can be paid as 1099-MISC income. Though you may not need payroll, our 109 Forms Filer platform offers simple form filing support for this type of contractor filing.
  • Small Business Owners: Many small construction company owners do their own payroll, often for a variety of reasons. Maybe you don’t have room in the budget. Maybe you’ve reached the point in your career where onsite and foreman duties are too physically challenging. Regardless, you’ll need intuitive software support to guide you through the weekly payroll and form filing information.
  • Construction Payroll Accountants: Our software is powerful enough for both small business owners and payroll/accounting professionals. This includes accountants who work for a single construction company with complex payroll systems, as well as independent accounting firms that serve multiple construction business clients. Our platform supports up to 1,999 payers and up to 9,999 payees per payer.

Getting Started

If you’re looking for construction company software, the quickest way to get an introduction to our payroll software is to download a free demo. This is a great way to answer some important questions, but if you have any doubts, our online information resources are a great place to go. Plus, you can always give our Sales and Information team a call at 800-536-1099.

As efficient as our software is, you’ll come to realize we provide expert and reliable knowledge from our client support team. We have a Live Chat feature during peak times and a tech support line if you ever need an assist. Check out our Testimonials page to see how other AMS clients have benefited from our payroll solutions.

Software Solutions from AMS

Our W-2 and 1099 Forms Filer is our only required platform. From there, users pick the services they need. Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software.