Caregiver Payroll Software

Our caregiver payroll software is just what you need to process and report the income paid to your caregivers. Reliable and efficient bookkeeping requires elegant and versatile software. Get the advantage of our payroll system and modular software approach. In the meantime, here’s our overview of basic obligations, industry expectations, filing forms, and other tips for hiring and managing caregiver employees.

Different Types of Caregiver Employment Agreements

One of the things that can complicate caregiver payroll is the number of different arrangements and employment relationships that may exist between the household and the caregiver:

  • We have something of a catchall guide to answer the multi-faceted question: Do caregivers pay taxes? This guide includes summaries and links to the official IRS rules. In most cases, the answer is yes, but there are several exceptions based on the amount paid, worker age, and family relationship.
  • Hiring a live-in caregiver can be a great arrangement for households who need round-the-clock care at a reasonable price. By offering room and board to a caregiver, you can defray these costs for the employee and provide an appealing compensation package. Not everybody goes for this type of relationship, but it’s definitely something to consider if you have extra room in the house.
  • Generally speaking, caregivers are household employees and not self-employed contractors, but there are exceptions and arrangements in which the IRS will recognize the worker as self-employed. One such arrangement involves specialized medical and care skills. This type of worker, often known as an independent nurse contractor, typically brings their own supplies and methods as part of their caregiving service. An independent home health aide may be self-employed, or they may simply seek employment independent of a home care agency.
  • Another common way for households to get caregiving services is through an agency. The household pays the agency a flat rate, and the agency takes on the responsibility of doing payroll for the caregivers that work in the home. It sounds great, but there’s also plenty to be said for private caregiver pay and traditional household employment. Especially when you have a cost-effective software companion like AMS. With its combination of user-friendly performance and powerful payroll features, AMS Payroll is popular with caregiving agencies, private households, and their accountants. Get support for both federal and state payroll forms.

Get on the Same Page with Caregiver Payroll Software

For both calculating and reporting, paying a caregiver is easy with our software. More than just our software technologies, however, we offer additional information resources where we can. After all, not even our software can do everything that comes with hiring a caregiver and developing a positive relationship. With this in mind, we offer this guide to negotiating caregiver pay and getting on the same page with the employee.