How Do I Use Combined State Filing For 1099

The combined state filing 1099 program is supported in our E-File Direct module. Known as the Combined Federal/State filer program for 1099s, this program allows employers to file state and federal 1099s together. This can save you some time and prevent headaches that might arise from duplicate filings.


How to Apply for Combined State Filing 1099

If your state participates in the Combined Federal/State program you will have to be approved by the IRS. This process includes obtaining a Transmitter Control Code, known as a TCC, and submitting a test file to the IRS. The TCC must be obtained by completing Form 4419 and faxing or mailing it to the IRS before the March 31st e-file due date. By contrast, the test file will need to be completed between November and mid-February. See IRS publication 1220 for more information.

We urge filers to remember that not all states participate in the combined state filing 1099 program. In fact, only 33 states allow individuals to combine their state and federal 1099 filings. Find out if your state is included in this list.

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