Error Message Action Cancelled Page Cannot Be Displayed

Microsoft released a security update that does not allow CHM files to be viewed over a network. Since that is the format of the Help, Changes and Tutorial files, and most likely the program is installed to a network, that is the reason that you cannot access these files. You have two options to view these files: Modify Security Settings, which will allow the Help files to be viewed over a network or Copy the Help files to a local drive. Both of these options can be accessed by the following:

  • At the 1099-etc Main Menu, select Utilities>Technical Support Utility. (At this point if prompted, select Program Directory.)
  • Click Actions > Special Edits and Actions >HELPFILES.
  • Make your selection and then the program will close. When next accessed on this computer, you should be able to view the Help files.

You will need to repeat the above steps for all computers that are on the network.

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