Is there any way to save an employee’s paycheck/paystub to a PDF file so it can be sent via email?

Yes, you can print paychecks/paystubs to a PDF file.  First, open the client in AMS Payroll, select Payer>Payer Edit and then select the Preferences tab.  In the “Checks and Vouchers” section, place a check in “3. Enable Check Print Preview” and click OK to continue.

Now when you go to print the Checks, you will be prompted to “View” them on the screen.  Then from the Print Preview screen, select “Save as PDF”, this will place the checks in a temp file.  You can add other items to the PDF file if you wish.  To create the file to send to a client from the AMS Payroll Menu, select Options>Email/Save PDF Output and follow the prompts to finish and save the PDF file.  If you have not already save the PDF file, you will be prompted to create the PDF file when exiting the Payer.

Should You Save and Send that File?

Paystubs include information relevant to employee wages – generally gross wages, any deductions or contributions, and net pay. However, some employers opt to include personal information, which can include the employee’s Social Security Number (only the last four digits) to their Employee ID. If a paystub gets into the wrong hands, it could result in anything from stolen funds to, in the very worst cases, identity fraud.

So, what does this have to do with your decision to save and send a PDF? The Internet has changed rapidly in the past few years, and both hacking and email interception are more popular than ever. Failing to properly save and send a document as personal as a paystub can have major consequences, so it is important to take the proper steps to protect your employee’s information.

What You Can Do

If you decide to save a PDF of a paystub, make sure you’re saving it to a secure location. If you save paystub PDFs often, consider buying an external hard drive to store the files. If you want to keep these files on your desktop, consider encryption. Both Windows and iOS have built-in file encryption tools to make it easier. When possible, avoid uploading these files to a cloud.

When you send a paystub PDF via email, use encryption to ensure possible hackers can’t intercept the message. Most email providers, including Gmail and Microsoft Office, have built-in encryption mechanisms. This is the best way to protect your employee’s information.

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