How do I move the printing UP on a check?

Each field on the check that the program prints can be moved up or down or right or left. On the Check/MICR screen (Payer>Payer Edit>Check/MICR)there is an Edit *.chk function that will allow you to adjust these settings.

Once the check edit screen is opened, you will notice that the field names will be listedafter two columns of numbers. The first column is the row numberand the second number is the column number for the field. For example:
1065 name
Indicates that the name is printedon row 10 in column 65. Tomove the field up one row, change the 10 to 09. To move the fieldfive spaces to the left, change the 65 to 60. So you new settings would like like:
09 60 name
Once you have made all of your adjustments, close the window and say yes when prompted to save.
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