How to Fill MW-507 Form

Form MW-507 collects employee information to establish tax statuses and exemptions. Review each Form MW-507 to confirm the employees included the required information to make claims.

Line 1 – The line includes the total amount of personal exemptions.

Line 2 – Review additional withholdings. Employees use the line to ask you to withhold more if you currently withhold too little from their paycheck.

Line 3 – Employees mark line 3 if they did not owe any Maryland income tax in the previous year and earned a full refund. They should check the box if they expect the same for the current year. Make sure they entered the applicable year if necessary and write “exempt” on the line.

Line 4 – The line is for employees who work in Maryland but own a residence within the District of Columbia, Virginia, or West Virginia. Employees write “exempt” if they do not have a home in Maryland.

Line 5 – The line is similar to line 4, but it applies to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Line 6 – It is specific to the York and Adams counties in Pennsylvania. Write “exempt” on line 4, if applicable.

Line 7 – Workers use the line if they reside in a Pennsylvania district that does not impose taxes on Maryland workers. Employees write “exempt” on line 4, if applicable.

Line 8 – Servicemembers or military spouses use the line to claim residency in another state.

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