How to Amend Form 941

Use IRS Form 941-X to amend Form 941 errors. Do not wait to amend a previously filed Form 941 once you notice a mistake. File a separate Form 941-X for each Form 941 that you need to correct. File Form 941-X separately from Form 941 as well. The exception is if you did not file a Form 941 in the past because you misclassified an employee as a non-employee. Use the Form 941-X if you need to correct specific errors, including:

  • Wages, tips, and alternate compensation
  • Income tax withheld from any of the above
  • Taxable social security wages
  • Taxable Medicare wages and tips
  • Amounts that you reported for employee retention credit

The Form 941-X deadline varies based on when you identify an error. Your deadline will depend also on whether you underreported or over-reported tax. File Form 941-X within three years of your Form 941 submission to correct over-reported taxes. You may alternatively file two years from the date that you paid the reported tax on Form 941 if that date is later. Correct your underreported taxes on Form 941 with Form 941-X within three years of the original filing date.

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