How to Correct 1099-MISC

Take quick steps when you file an erroneous return with the Internal Revenue Service. Correct a physical Form 1099-MISC as soon as possible by filing Copy A and Form 1096. You must also provide a statement to your recipients that shows the corrections. Do not cut or separate any forms regardless of whether you only need to complete one of the forms. Do not staple any of your revised forms to a Form 1096.

Keep in mind these general instructions for correcting certain information returns. How to correct 1099-MISC after filing is straightforward, yet specific. Additional steps to take care of, include:

Marking the “corrected” checkbox. Enter an “X” only if you corrected a form that you filed with the IRS or distributed to a recipient. Review IRS general instructions to confirm if your error requires more than one return.

Providing an account number. Put the same account number on a corrected return if you put it on the original return. Do not include it otherwise.

Entering a date next to the “corrected” box. Your recipient will have greater clarity if they expect to receive multiple corrections.

Knowing how to correct 1099-MISC forms is a quicker process if you do it with software. Identify the type of error that you must correct and generate a revised 1099 form. You still need to send in any 1096 forms, and bear in mind that even when using software, the filing of a 1096 is not guaranteed.  Pair our W-2/1099 Forms Filer and our Software Generated Forms softwares to expedite the process. Download our free demo today.

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