How to File 1099 Electronically: A Guide

Electronically filing your 1099 forms is a simple process that should not consume your time. The decision to e-file instead of filing manually can reduce the risk of you making avoidable errors. A small business owner should follow a few steps if they choose to e-file their 1099 forms.

Properly classify your employees. Failing to accurately classify 1099 and W-2 employees can lead to incurring fines and other penalties from the Internal Revenue Service. Misclassifying any workers will also mean that you will need to e-file 1099 corrections.

Gather the necessary documentation. Request Form W-9 and other necessary information from your independent contractors. Get your workers’ personal details and TINs early in order to streamline the reporting process.

Invest in an e-file system. Look for e-filing capabilities that coincide with your small business’s needs. Some payers purchase a flat fee program that offers users an unlimited number of form filings. Other employers prefer to pay a fee per form and e-file forms with a third-party vendor.

We support small businesses who need stronger 1099 filing support or want to e-file for the first time with our 1099-etc E-Filer software. We offer E-File Direct (add-on) and E-File Services. See which system aligns with your needs through our free demo or by calling (405) 340-0697.

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