Can I File a 1099 Form for Payments Made to a Freelancer?

Yes, employers must file a 1099 form in many instances for payments you make to a freelancer. Use Form 1099-NEC when you pay your freelancer $600 or more in a calendar year. Familiarize yourself with all of the other 1099 forms that you may need to file for specific types of freelancer payments. These include:

1099-MISC – Report miscellaneous income (e.g. awards and prizes from competitions) that you cannot report on Form 1099-NEC or anywhere else.

1099-INT – Send the form if a freelancer earns an interest income of at least $10 in the tax year. Banks, investment firms, and other interest-paying institutions should know when to file a form.

1099-DIV – File the form when a freelancer earns dividend income within a specific tax year.

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