Can I File a 1099 Form for Payments Made to an Independent Consultant?

Yes, you can file a 1099 form for payments that you make to your independent consultants. The slightly different title does not prevent employers from using the form. The main difference with a contractor and consultant is that an “independent contractor” is a legal umbrella term. Whereas, an independent consultant is a non-legal classification for a type of contractor that is an expert consultant or advisor in their qualified field. You often distribute two types of 1099 forms to your independent consultants:

Form 1099-NEC – Send the common 1099 form to your independent consultants that you pay $600 or more for the job.

Form 1099-K – Distribute Form 1099-K to an independent consultant that makes sales through your third-party payment method once they hit an income-through-sales-transactions threshold.

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