What is the W2 vs 1099 Tax Difference?

If you want to start a new business, spend time learning about the W2 vs 1099 tax difference. As an employer, making sure that you hire the right people will determine your company’s success. It might involve hiring full-time or part-time employees. Other times, you may look to hire some independent contractors. Your business will […]

Employee Classification: How to Switch from 1099 to W-2

Congratulations on bringing another member onto your team! As an employer, you might need to figure out how to switch from 1099 to W-2. You would help an independent contractor make this transition if you wanted to make them an employee. If you are hoping to bring another full-time employee onto your business team, this […]

How to File Taxes with a 1099 and W-2

As you start to gather information for tax season, you might wonder how to file taxes with a 1099 and W-2. If your company employs a range of workers, then each worker comes with their own tax responsibilities. At AMS, we can help you determine how to file taxes with a W-2 and 1099.   […]

How to Fill Out 1099 MISC with AMS

If you’re a new employer, you may not know how to fill out 1099 misc. Those just starting a business may be relying on 1099 work rather than w-2 employees. As a result, it is essential to know how to fill out 1099 misc early in your small business’s life. This is one of the […]

Do I file a 1099 form 2019 for Employees?

No, employers and businesses should not file 1099 form 2019 for employees. Instead, they should file a W2. The difference can be a bit difficult to navigate, especially for new business owners. Additionally, these categories can shift – what is considered an independent contractor in 2020 might not be an independent contractor in 2015. This […]

Is There a Free Fillable 1099 MISC Form 2018?

Yes. Accountants and business owners who need to send out 1099-MISC forms – even from 2018 – can access free fillable 1099 MISC form 2018 from the IRS’s website. Users may also use this file as a free printable 1099 form 2018. Here’s the real question: Should you use the free printable 1099 form 2018 […]

When Can I File Form 1099 MISC 2019?

If you are filing form 1099 misc 2019 in 2020 or 2021, you still have time to prepare and submit the form. The statute of limitations for most tax and wage forms is three years. During this time, the IRS can impose a fine or fee for late or missing forms. If the IRS has […]

What Happens if You Don’t File a 2019 1099 Form?

In many cases, the answer is simple: You’ll receive a fine. Each year, the IRS matches 1099 forms with tax returns. If a business does not report a 1099, the organization will pursue the individual for taxes owed – even if that individual never received a 1099 from the payer. As a result, much of […]

Can an Employee Receive a W-2 AND a 1099?

Yes, an employee can receive a W2 and a 1099, but it should be avoided whenever possible. That’s because this type of situation is a red flag and frequently results in a response from the IRS seeking further information. It also takes unusual circumstances for this type of dual filing to be legitimate. In many […]

How to Amend 1099-MISC Forms

Figuring out how to amend 1099-MISC forms is a common challenge of running a small business, but some corrections are a lot easier to fix than others. That’s because Form 1099-MISC has dozens of commercial applications and is used by individual contractors, small businesses, and larger firms alike. If you’re a home improvement contractor or […]