Which 1099 tax form 2019 should I use?

For the first time in several years, 1099 forms have changed in a way that will significantly impact most users. Starting in the 2020 tax filing year, most businesses will distribute the 1099-NEC, rather than the 1099-MISC, to contractors. This form, also known as the Non-Employment Compensation form, will change how most businesses file taxes for […]

Understanding Real Estate Transactions: 1099-S Instructions

If you’ve recently participated in a real estate transaction, you’re likely in need of 1099-s instructions. The 1099-s, or the version of the form used for Proceeds from Real Estate Transactions, is used when reporting the sale, purchase, or transfer of real estate property. However, like many versions of the 1099, figuring out this form […]

Is the 2019 Form 1096 Still Important?

The 2019 form 1096 is an interesting document to deal with. In general, form 1096 is used to transmit certain paper forms, including: 1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, and W-2G. In other words, this form accompanies however many physical copies a business owner or accountant is filing. The person responsible for filling it out […]

How to Access Your Social Security 1099 for 2018

The time to receive Social Security 1099 for 2018 has come and gone. That said, there are a few reasons why an individual may need access to this form. In some rare cases, the SSA may not have sent out the form in the first place. This situation would render incorrect tax returns, which should […]

What is the SSA 1099 Form 2019?

SSA 1099 form 2019 is a Benefit Statement. These forms are mailed out by the IRS each year to those who pay taxes on their Social Security benefits. The form shows the total amount of benefits an individual has received from Social Security for the previous year. Seniors and those who rely on Social Security […]

Where to Find a Printable 1099 Form 2019?

Printable 1099 form 2019 are widely available. All 1099 forms are available on the IRS website, and they can be printed out from home. This is true for both 2019 and 2018 1099s, even years later. However, it is important to remember that each 1099 filing needs several copies of the form, and not all […]

How Late Can You File a 1099 Form 2018?

The deadline for 1099 form 2018 has come and gone, but employers can still file this with the IRS. While this form’s due date was January 31, 2019, business owners can technically file these forms at any time. However, the IRS has up to three years to levy penalties against late or incorrect filings. If […]

What Do I Do with My 1099 SSA 2018?

In all cases, the Social Security Administration is the only entity that needs to distribute a 1099 SSA – even a 1099 SSA 2018. Still, even governmental organizations can make mistakes. If you, a client, or a family member did not receive a 1099 SSA in 2018, you should contact the Social Security Administration as […]

My 1099 C Form 2018 is Late. Can I Still File?

In short: Yes, you can still file a 1099 C form 2018 after the deadline. Filers typically have around three years from the original deadline to file the forms they need. Until that time, the IRS can impose fines and fees. If you neglected to file a 1099 C form 2018 and only just realized, […]

Where Can I Buy a Blank 1099 Form 2019?

Blank 1099 form 2019’s are still widely available. Typically, business owners and payers can source blank form copies at office supply stores. However, if you are filing late, they may be slightly more difficult to find. If you’re still looking for a blank 1099 form 2019 in late 2020, we recommend calling around to see […]